Conejo Valley

September 11, 2016

Support Food for the Soul/Eyal Bloch Team in the Conejo Valley Peace Heroes Walk 2016



  • Judy Nelson:
    For the love and hard work to those who make the world a better place filled with harmony
  • Inez Lipkin:
    In HONOR of my Lifetime friend, Irene Lorsch's 90 Birthday! May she live in Peace and Joy all the days of her life!!

The 2016 Conejo Valley Peace Heroes Walk will be held at 2 to 4:30pm on September 11, 2016.

The Food for the Soul group will be walking in honor of our peace hero, EYAL BLOCH, founder of the AllinPeace Project, to raise awareness of nonviolent alternatives to conflict and to inspire and educate a new generation of peace leaders. We will also help raise money to support the peace-literacy missions of reGeneration and the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation. 

The walk will be an exciting event, bringing together a variety of people who share a common vision of a more peaceful world where nonviolence is the way of life. 

To walk as a member of my team, click the Join button above and follow the instructions.

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Your generous donation will help support peace literacy here at home and around the world.

Thank you!

- Food for the Soul