Support AJ Inspires Change in the 2019 Walkathon Extravaganza for Camp Crescent Moon



  • Theresa Norris:
    Happy to donate to such a worthy cause in the name of Alexis. A truly remarkable human being who continues to brighten the path of everyone she meets.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting our donation page. Our annual WALK-A-THON EXTRAVAGANZA is not only a fundraiser for CAMP CRESCENT MOON but it is ALSO our recognition and honor to individuals living with Sickle Cell Disease (like myself). From the moment I was born, my family was told by medical professionals that my life would be short. But instead, my family decided to denounce that myth, and rewrite my life story into something that inspires me to overcome obstacles and, more importantly, have a positive outlook of my future. I’ve managed to finish school, earn my bachelors degree in animation/at a top American film university, travel to more than 5 countries, and currently finishing a certificate that will hopefully benefit the Deaf community and those in need of visual language. This is all due to those who have helped me to shape my user journey. 

If you cannot attend the WALK, then no worries! Any donation of any amount is appreciated. And as an extra favor, pass this message to at least 2 people you know through social media, email, or word of mouth. 

My name is Alexis Jackson. I will be soon 26 years old. And I want to inspire change for you and someone else. Thanks for all your help and support. 

-Alexis (Team Leader of “AJ Inspires Change”)