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Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Camp Crescent Moon SCD Foundation VisitJoinDonate$150SCD Foundation
Friends of the Foundation Rahman Cooper VisitJoinDonate$275Rahman Cooper Rahman Cooper Landon Cooper Shonneia Eden Freeman Muriel Elder Frankie Parker Shonneia Rose
The Struggle Continues Jennifer Hill VisitIndividualDonate$125Jennifer Hill Jennifer Nia Hill-Perry
GoldenState Walkers Devantae Carter VisitJoinDonate$115Devantae Carter Devantae Carter
Patrice Ragin Patrice Ragin VisitJoinDonate$890Josie Brown Patrice Ragin Patrice Ragin
Paramount Pictures Anna Sivak VisitJoinDonate$295Sanjay Bansal Mary jo braun Erin Jordan Alonzo Lau Jeanne Lim Kathryn Riccio Anna Sivak Anna Sivak
Chronic Love Tahliah Wormley VisitJoinDonate$95Arika Fealings Zion Railey Dante Ross Lyric Ross Raven Russell Tahliah Wormley Tahliah Wormley
Team Langdon Portia Langdon VisitJoinDonate$545Miracle Holifield Portia Langdon Portia Langdon
BryantForSCD Marlene Espinoza VisitIndividualDonate$360Marlene Espinoza
Team Once Again Its On Lance Jones VisitJoinDonate$490Taylor Burton Chanee dawson Gaynor Jonas griessett Lance Jones Lance Jones Gaynor Smith
Team CIBD Eileen Murray VisitJoinDonate$630Ateefa Chaudhury Eileen Murray Eileen Murray
Team Amanda and Jalene Amanda Shelton VisitJoinDonate$645Erinn Baker Brooklyn Baker Tim Fann Brenda Gonzalez Rosa Gonzalez Margot Jackson Albert Johnson Ruben Miranda Selina Ruiz Karina Senda Child1 Senda Child2 Senda Amanda Shelton Amanda Shelton Amanda Shelton Felica Shelton Makayla Shelton
Mind over Miles Betty Lucatero VisitJoinDonate$160Betty Lucatero Betty Lucatero
Team Green Deborah Green VisitJoinDonate$30Deborah Green Deborah Green Deborah Rachel Green
Made to Thrive Geonee Inyang VisitJoinDonate$345Cindy Emenike Geonee Inyang Geonee Inyang Joyce Krubi Mercy Mintah
Team Arynn Arynn Auzout Settle VisitJoinDonate$595Arynn Auzout Settle Arynn Auzout Settle
Thornton Paul Thornton VisitJoinDonate$0Paul Thornton Paul Thornton
SoCal Alpha Family Damon Oliver VisitJoinDonate$290Race Headen Damon Oliver Damon Oliver
TeamRob Robyn Bell VisitJoinDonate$0Robyn Bell Robyn Bell
#teamkim Kimberly Washington VisitJoinDonate$425Christina Alexandria Hightower Alexis Auguste Kina Fagan Dominique Hall-Carr Christina Hightower Chrishaad Moye Donnell Norwood Terri Norwood Donald Norwood Tamie Waahington vanessa walker Kimberly Washington Kimberly Washington Kayden Washington Jaime Washington Darryl Washington Kimberly Washington
Claver Family Walk Team Damon Oliver VisitJoinDonate$275Raphael Blount Damon Oliver Damon Oliver
Shake & Bake Jamal Munnerlyn VisitJoinDonate$20Jamal Munnerlyn Jamal Munnerlyn
DreaMakerS-CCM Family Obinna Ekwunife VisitJoinDonate$200Chichi Ekwunife Obinna Ekwunife Obinna Ekwunife Obinna Ekwunife Nkechi Ekwunife Chichi Onome Tasker Derek Stacey Tome Tasker
Kimora and Kylie Van Sciver Destiny Van Sciver VisitJoinDonate$190Destiny Van Sciver Destiny Van Sciver
The Bling Team Antoinette Williams VisitJoinDonate$135Antoinette Anderson Juanita Morales Antoinette Williams Antoinette Williams
Team Henry Ashlie-Marie Henry VisitJoinDonate$160Ashlie-Marie Gladys Menard-Henry Ronda Harden Ashlie-Marie Henry Ashlie-Marie Henry Jessy-Anne Henry Gerard Henry Rodney Jackson Marianne Maninang
Team Orbit Yadira Duran Badwan VisitJoinDonate$45Yadira Duran Badwan Yadira Duran Badwan Derek Habib Yadira Josef Habib
#TarynNation Tatialenn Jones VisitJoinDonate$220Tatialenn Jones Tatialenn Jones Tatialenn Taryn Jones-Ellison Tatialenn Taryn Jones-Ellison Tatia Wade
PhotoBabee Kaja DeVaughn VisitJoinDonate$0Kaja DeVaughn Kaja DeVaughn
Derek B. Derek Brown VisitJoinDonate$1,355BRIDGETTE Alice Simpson Derek Brown Derek Brown Taneah Foster BRIDGETTE SIMPSON Lynn Thompkins
Team Malayzha Malayzha Cockrell VisitJoinDonate$235Malayzha Cockrell Malayzha Cockrell
Team Lisa Lisa Washington VisitJoinDonate$0Lisa Washington Lisa Washington
Straw Hat D. Byron Byron Moore VisitJoinDonate$25Byron Moore Byron Moore
Team One Punch Man Anthony Wells VisitJoinDonate$25Anthony Wells Anthony Wells
Team Litty Ariana Caffey VisitJoinDonate$695Ariana Caffey Ariana Caffey
JC Julienne Nunn VisitJoinDonate$25Julienne Nunn Julienne Nunn
The A-Team Armone Barrett VisitJoinDonate$0Armone Barrett Armone Barrett
Team Donald Donald Weathington VisitJoinDonate$20Donald Weathington Donald Weathington
Lyssdoe Alyssa Cockrell VisitJoinDonate$75Alyssa Cockrell Alyssa Cockrell
Emmanuel Emmanuel Brumfield VisitJoinDonate$50Emmanuel Brumfield Emmanuel Brumfield
Star Trekkers Leslie Conliffe VisitJoinDonate$325Leslie Conliffe Leslie Conliffe
Team Turtleee Danny Smith VisitJoinDonate$0Danny Smith Danny Smith
Warriors Katelynn Lopez VisitJoinDonate$100Katelynn Lopez Katelynn Lopez Rosa Puga Katelynn Sofie Katelynn Thomas
#SupportSickleCell Francisca Freeman VisitJoinDonate$120Francisca Freeman Francisca Freeman
Daihona Perez Daihona Perez VisitIndividualDonate$0Daihona Perez
Young Storytellers for Jeff Smith Elizabeth (Wilson) Butler VisitJoinDonate$450Elizabeth (Wilson) Butler Elizabeth (Wilson) Butler Jeffrey Butler Elizabeth (Wilson) Grace Butler Stephanie Lynn
CSL Behring Michael Yan VisitJoinDonate$190Min Alice Yan Jeremy Casey Christopher Duymich Andreas Gille Brigette Gille Sophia Gille Giselle Gille Logan Hudson Min Liang Michael Yan Michael Yan Scarlett Yan
Dani Mieko Raphael VisitJoinDonate$35Mieko Raphael Mieko Raphael Danielle Watson
Project Farma Maria Paredes VisitJoinDonate$210Cristina Azuara Esteban Brown Jodie Fung Ryan Limbo Maria Paredes Maria Paredes Lorrie Pruett
marybrown Mary Brown VisitIndividualDonate$425Mary Brown
Team Faith Danielle Youngblood VisitJoinDonate$90Patrice Bautista Yvette Garcia Ruben Garcia Danielle Kalea Braggs Danielle Kyla Warden Danielle Youngblood Danielle Youngblood
Lawnet LB Walking 4 a Cure Lawnet Pennewell VisitJoinDonate$120Ayesha Denson Lawnet Pennewell Lawnet Pennewell
Anthony Wells Anthony Wells VisitJoinDonate$0Anthony Wells Anthony Wells
Northern CA friends CW Tester VisitJoinDonate$0Girard Joseph CW Tester CW Tester CX Tester CZ Tester
#LogiBear Krystle Mays VisitJoinDonate$50Krystle Landon Fields Krystle Logan Fields Krystle Mays Krystle Mays Betty Pleas
AJ Inspires Change Alexis Jackson VisitJoinDonate$0Alexis Jackson Alexis Jackson
Green Team Mikeia Green VisitJoinDonate$0Mikeia Green Mikeia Green
Living It Up Lynn Williams VisitJoinDonate$80Karen Kimbell Montez Kincy Debra Ray Lynn Williams Lynn Williams
Team Ninah R. Walters VisitJoinDonate$0R. Walters R. Walters