At Camp Crescent Moon on May 2, 2020

Support Kenny P in the 2020 Hero Walk for Sickle Cell Disease



Welcome to the HERO WALK. We appreciate your support for persons with sickle cell disease and Camp Crescent Moon. 

Since 1967, the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation has provided an amazing outdoor camping experience for children with sickle cell disease. 

Why is Camp Crescent Moon so important?

See comments from our parents on why they send their children to Camp Crescent Moon:

"To meet other children with the same disease like his and to know their story, to make new friends and get out of his comfort zone here with his video games."

"To be around children who are similar to herself and learn new things about her condition and understand she not alone."

"He has become very knowledgeable about his condition, he can spread that knowledge to others."

"Her attendance is important because it helps her with her social skills. Camp is an important part of her summer. It also helps to remind her she's not alone in the fight with sickle cell. She would be crushed if she didn't get to go. This is the last year she'll be able to attend as a camper."

"Each year my son gains more knowledge about his disease and treatment options. It's an opportunity for him to socialize, as well, since establishing new relationships do not come easily for him."

"In addition to sickle cell anemia, my son has autism and ADHD.  He feels different and has difficulty making friends. It is great for him to be around other kids that have similar stories."

"It’s a very positive place to be. Hopefully when she gets old enough, she will have a love for the camp so much she would want to give back to the children who are suffering from this disease."

"I believe it's healthy for my daughter to meet and form a bond with other children with Sickle Cell. She needs to know and understand that she is not alone."

"Last year was my daughter’s first year at Camp Crescent Moon and she absolutely loved it. It was very educational but they had fun as well. She has created some great bonds and I would like her to continue to attend."

This is why Camp Crescent Moon is important!!

- Kenny P

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