At Camp Crescent Moon on May 2, 2020

Support Team CIBD in the 2020 Hero Walk for Sickle Cell Disease



Arwen Chenery

Briggitte Lowe

Welcome to the 2020 HERO WALK. 

Be a HERO!  You are helping a child with Sickle Cell Disease attend Camp Crescent Moon!  

CCM has been a medical specialty camp for kids with sickle cell for over 50 years. But, we do need YOUR HELP in getting them there.  Funds can help with transportation, registration, medical supplies, education supplies, even food.  Any donation helps! 

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder that affects the red blood cells.  People may need medicines, have pain, and sometimes frequent doctor's visits.  Camp is a fun place for kids to go where they can also learn more about it, but they also make life long friends and build a support circle

We appreciate your support for persons with sickle cell disease and Camp Crescent Moon. 

 - Team CIBD

Team Members

Eileen Murray

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