Support Team CIBD in the 2019 Walkathon Extravaganza for Camp Crescent Moon



  • Michele Khatami
  • April Bolin
  • Stephanie Scholl
  • Tanya Melendrez:
    You're awesome, Keep up the great work!
  • Jennifer Louie
  • Briggitte Lowe
  • Ateefa Chaudhury
  • Amit Soni:
    Go CIBD Team!!!
  • Jeri Tucker
  • Eva Hong
  • Carol Samson:
    Way to go team!
  • Desiree Almario

Welcome to the "Stomp Out the Stigmas" WALKATHON EXTRAVAGANZA for Camp Crescent Moon

I need your help raising funds for Camp.   We only have a few weeks left!  Let's surpass this goal! 

I've been fortunate to help people understand sickle cell disease ("SCD") and sickle cell trait. At camp, I  teach our education program "Designer Genes" to our campers and camp staff. This is information about sickle cell disease, trait, inheritance, and ways to cope with this chronic disease.  I end up learning more from them!  The bonds the kids make at this medical specialty camp forges lifelong friendships and an amazing support system; this is truly a special place for our kids.   

I hope you can be on my walking team- Join us!  If you can't join us, donations are welcome!  

A special thanks to all donors: thanks for making Camp happen!

- Team CIBD