Support Team Langdon in the 2019 Walkathon Extravaganza for Camp Crescent Moon



  • Ron Ragin
  • Erika Waters:
    Go play and have fun!!
  • Jay Ash
  • Ariel Katz
  • D’Atra Sawyer
  • Zenobia Scott
  • Monique Savage:
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  • Reshad House
  • Autumn Gold
  • Diandra White
  • William Harden
  • Felicia Barron
  • Monica Kincade
  • Monique Harris
All proceeds from the Walk-a-thon benefit  Camp Crescent Moon, an overnight camp for youth 7-14 with sickle cell disease! I have been a part of this wonderful camp for 12 years!

What makes CCM so special?
  • For one week our campers do not feel "different". 
  • For one week our campers are able to be around other children and staff who have the same disease which gives them a high level of comfort throughout the week.
  • For one week  our campers are able to bond and share stories that other campers can relate to.
  • For one week our campers are able to have safe, fun.
  • For one week our campers do not have to worry about a doctor's appointment, blood transfusions, or hospital stays.
  •  For one week our campers are able to be kids and play.
  • CCM campers are given the opportunity to create a support system throughout the week and year. The support system they obtain lets them know they are not alone during their fight with SCD because they are able to confide in one another and staff.
    - Please help us raise money for these deserving campers!
Team Langdon