Support Team Once Again Its On in the 2019 Walkathon Extravaganza for Camp Crescent Moon



  • Lance Jones:
    Once Again It's On
  • Brittany Beard
  • Tyrone & Bridget Jones:
    One for and all for one
  • Ebony Beauford:
    Love yahhhhhhh!!!! So proud of you
  • Sharon Campbell:
    Dare to Care and join the fight for a cure
  • Kendall Woolridge Brooks:
    go team!!!
  • Michael Leslie
  • Mackenzie Flowers:
    Go Gaynor!
  • Gaynor Smith:
    Dr. Wong $50 Elmo $20 Roy $10
  • Ashley Martinez
  • Tameka Allen:
    I wish I could join you walk a few laps for me.
  • Joyce Vargas
  • CynthiaI Lemmond:
    I 💙 U fam!
  • Jorge Tabares
  • Lorna Mccarver
  • Luis Hernandez
  • Leslie Bardales
  • Nadine Cortez
  • Lissette Santiago:
    Go Gaynor
  • Kawan Watts
  • Rebeca Vargas
  • Derek Brown:
    Congrats on your goal Brodie. 🙌Once Again It's On!
  • Brandi Martinez
  • Amber Escoto
  • Vanessa Hunter:
  • Belinda Bland
  • Chanee Dawson
  • Ebony Adams Adams

Dare To CareI am Lance Jasper Jones, music artist on all major music platforms available in 119 countries with a Bachelors in Psychology and I live with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Join myself, Lance Jasper Jones & Team Once Again It's On raise awareness for Sickle Cell Anemia. 


Be a part of the Walk-A-Thon Extravaganza May 4th 2019. Donations here support Camp Crescent Moon, the longest running summer camp for kids ages 7-14 living with Sickle Cell. 

Any and all contributions are more than significant.

Thank YOU

- Lance Jasper Jones & Team Once Again It's On