Homecoming 2014

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 Spouse attending    Quantity:

 Children attending    Quantity:

 $9.00  Mum Corsage    Quantity:

 $80.00  Johnny Myers Golf Classic    Quantity:

 $13.00  Founders Day Luncheon    Quantity:

 Class of 1964 50-Year Reunion/Reception    Quantity:

 $23.00  Banquet    Quantity:

 Chorale Alumna/us wishing to sing at banquet    Quantity:

 $8.00  Zumba    Quantity:

 $15.00  Emeritus Club Luncheon and Reunion    Quantity:

 $10.00  Tailgate Picnic Lunch (Adult)    Quantity:

 $5.00  Tailgate Picnic Lunch (Children under 10)    Quantity:

 $12.00  Young Alumni Reunion Lunch (adult)    Quantity:

 $6.00  Young Alumni Reunion Lunch (children 4-10)    Quantity:

 Football Game Tickets    Quantity:

 $20.00  Hall of Fame Banquet    Quantity:

 $10.00  Hall of Fame Banquet (chlidren 10 and under)    Quantity:

 $15.00  Homecoming Bash and Reunion Social    Quantity:

at The Event Center at Brushy Fork

 $5.00  Shuttle Service to The Event Center at Brushy Fork    Quantity:

Depart times at 6:30pm, 7:00pm, from Stonewall or 7:00pm from Bicentennial Inn

I can't make it but please accept the following donation $

WVWC Wesley Chapel and John Wesley