Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail (2021) 

Who is YOUR Peace Hero? Build a team to help us expand our year-round Peace Hero Trail on the beautiful campus of Miami Valley Unitarian Fellowship; and raise funds to support local Peace Literacy programs that help Miami Valley thrive.

Your Team hero will be featured on a commemorative story plaque located on the Peace Heroes Trail. 90% of donations stay locally. 10% support the Peace Literacy Foundation  and its "Peace Literacy for All" mission.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Default Team MVUUF VisitJoinDonate$0MVUUF
Amaha Selassie Catherine Queener VisitJoinDonate$550Catherine Queener Catherine Queener
Laurel Bristow Rachel Schenewerk VisitJoinDonate$0Rachel Schenewerk Rachel Schenewerk
Ai-jen Poo Jennifer Linck VisitJoinDonate$150Jennifer Linck Jennifer Linck
Project Congo Bill Ross VisitJoinDonate$0Bill Ross Bill Ross
John Lennon Steven Thompson VisitJoinDonate$0Steven Thompson Steven Thompson
Margaret Atwood Priscilla and Dane Mutter VisitJoinDonate$0Priscilla and Dane Mutter Priscilla and Dane Mutter
Elihu Embree Ian Hogan VisitJoinDonate$25Levi Cowperthwaite Ian Hogan Ian Hogan
Dr. John Fleming Jerry Leggett VisitJoinDonate$600Jerry Leggett Jerry Leggett