Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail (2021) 

Who is YOUR Peace Hero? Build a team to help us expand our year-round Peace Hero Trail on the beautiful campus of Miami Valley Unitarian Fellowship; and raise funds to support local Peace Literacy programs that help Miami Valley thrive.

Your Team hero will be featured on a commemorative story plaque located on the Peace Heroes Trail. 90% of donations stay locally. 10% support the Peace Literacy Foundation  and its "Peace Literacy for All" mission. 

To learn more about the Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail, see

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jerry Jenkins VisitJoinDonate$1,245Jerry Jenkins Jerry Jenkins
Default Team MVUUF VisitJoinDonate$2,725MVUUF
Amaha Selassie Catherine Queener VisitJoinDonate$2,955Kristen Beireis Catherine Queener Catherine Queener
Laurel Bristow Rachel Schenewerk VisitJoinDonate$290Rachel Schenewerk Rachel Schenewerk
Ai-jen Poo Jennifer Linck VisitJoinDonate$1,100Jennifer Linck Jennifer Linck
Project Congo Bill Ross VisitJoinDonate$1,300Bill Ross Bill Ross
John Lennon Steven Thompson VisitJoinDonate$2,600Steven Thompson Steven Thompson
Margaret Atwood Priscilla and Dane Mutter VisitJoinDonate$2,560Priscilla and Dane Mutter Priscilla and Dane Mutter
Elihu Embree Ian Hogan VisitJoinDonate$2,500Levi Cowperthwaite Ian Hogan Ian Hogan
Dr. John Fleming Jerry Leggett VisitJoinDonate$1,250Jerry Leggett Jerry Leggett
Team Lincoln Robert Gurry VisitJoinDonate$1,150Robert Gurry Robert Gurry
Octavia Butler Lynn Buffington VisitJoinDonate$1,025Lynn Buffington Lynn Buffington
Wendell Potter Health Care For All Donald Nguyen VisitJoinDonate$1,100Donald Nguyen Donald Nguyen
Honoring Dayton Mediation Center Alysoun Taylor-Hall VisitJoinDonate$750Alysoun Taylor-Hall Alysoun Taylor-Hall Laura Vondenhuevel
Dr. Norma Poinsett Rev. Kellie Kelly VisitJoinDonate$1,250Rev. Kellie Kelly Rev. Kellie Kelly
Colin Kaepernick Steve Steel VisitJoinDonate$795Steve Steel Steve Steel
Al Gore, Environmentalist Gary Courts VisitJoinDonate$1,000Gary Courts Gary Courts
Susan Burton Maureen OMeara VisitJoinDonate$1,100Maureen OMeara Maureen OMeara
Bill Kauth Jim Poltrone VisitJoinDonate$470Jim Poltrone Jim Poltrone
Stacey Abrams, Voting Rights Advocate extraordinaire Diane Colvin VisitJoinDonate$1,495Diane Colvin Diane Colvin
John Lewis "Good Trouble" Hero trudy krisher VisitJoinDonate$875trudy krisher trudy krisher