Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail/2021

 Visit our first in the nation peace heroes trail featuring 18 local, national and international peace heroes.  this project supports peace literacy initiatives in the miami valley and beyond!

Support Amaha Selassie in the 2021 Miami Valley Peace Heroes Walk



Maureen OMeara


Sara Carbaugh


Kristen Beireis


Gem City Market!!


Jerry Leggett

Amaha  Selassie inspires me to work harder for a more just and healthy world where everyone can better thrive.


Dave Nolin


“Our strength is in having multiple voices and diverse experiences and identities at the table as we re-imagine the community we want to work, live and play in.” 

--  Amaha Selassie, local Peace Hero

Assistant Sociology professor Amaha Selassie’s community involvement includes Gem City Market, Dayton Community Police Council, and the West Dayton Strong after school/summer program in Desoto Bass public housing. 

Amaha Selassie is a fellow of the Caux (that's French) Scholars Program in Switzerland. CSP fellows learn about conflict transformation in action: things like reconciliation and restorative justice. On completing the program, they are a network of over 1,000 alumni from 109 countries -- who work to reduce conflict and create peace When I hear this description, I think of diplomats wearing berets and eating croissants, maybe yodeling. (smile)

But Amaha Selassie is here, in Dayton! He has chaired the Dayton Human Relations Council and co-chaired the Dayton Martin Luther King March. As a community organizer, he helped organize the Justice for John Crawford movement after that tragic murder at a local Walmart.

I got to meet Amaha Selassie when MVUUF interviewed community leaders. He spoke about challenges for West Dayton -- and how Daytonians, the people in the neighborhoods, were coming together to address problems. 

Amaha Selassie directs the Center for Applied Social Issues at Sinclair, and he is the most community-involved academic I ever saw. 

WYSO invited Amaha Selassie's commentary "I AM because WE are" as part of the West Dayton stories series on January 7, 2021. Jocelyn Robinson introduced him this way: "Few people have contributed more to building community than sociology professor and activist Amaha Selassie. From co-founding the West Dayton Strong after-school program to the Gem City Market, he can be found at the front of efforts to make Dayton an equitable and just place."

I am so grateful this man is part of our Dayton community, and that's why I am lifting him up as a peace hero. 

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