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Jim Poltrone


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Catherine Queener

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William Ross


Bill Kauth cofounded
New Warrior Training Adventure and the ManKind Project

Trained as a social worker and therapist, Bill Kauth saw what feminist empowerment seminars were doing for women.

I felt deeply called to do something for men. I just did what I had to do. I called together two other men, and we just began.” 

Kauth recognized what the two men he convinced to work with him could bring to the table: 

“Ron Hering was a university professor with a Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies. Rich Tosi worked for General Motors and had been in the US Marine Corp for ten years.”


In 1984, the three collaborated in creating an experiential weekend for men, now called the New Warrior Training Adventure. The 48-hour experience follows a hero’s journey akin to the mythology described in Joseph Campbell’s books. 

“We knew nothing at that time of archetypes or initiation, so in retrospect it feels like the New Warrior Training Adventure got channeled through us. We had each done a lot of emotional opening work, so our hearts were clear to allow something very new and simultaneously very ancient to show up.”


As the training grew in popularity, the three formed the organization now called the ManKind Project. 

This two-day personal growth opportunity for men is still being offered, now worldwide. Over 70,000 men have taken the training.


Bill Kauth’s current project with life partner Zoe Alowan is dedicated to building committed communities.


Bill Kauth’s quotations above are from a 2003 interview:

Team Members

Jim Poltrone

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