Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail/2021

 Visit our first in the nation peace heroes trail featuring 18 local, national and international peace heroes.  this project supports peace literacy initiatives in the miami valley and beyond!

Support Project Congo in the 2021 Miami Valley Peace Heroes Walk



Maureen OMeara


William Ross

After watching a child die from violence, a Project Congo volunteer who traveled there resolved, that even though they could not do everything to help, they could not do nothing. This resolve has allowed Project Congo to save many lives.


Lynn Buffington


Catherine Queener

Kudos to Project Congo for sending life-saving supplies to the refugee population and victims of crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo


  1. Project Congo 


  1. Bringing Health and Hope to the Congo 


  1. Founded 2009 


  1. We seek to improve the lives of women and children in war torn Eastern Congo through targeted projects that promote health, education, nutrition and self-reliance. Based in Dayton, started by Dr. Sylvia A. Esser-Gleason, D.O.


  1. “Start by doing the necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” St Francis of Assisi 

  2.        Website: Project Congo » Who We Are

Team Members

Bill Ross

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