The power of teamwork!

Joining or forming a team is a great way to make a meaningful difference for our Michigan ALS community! They are also a great way to bring family and friends together for a wonderful cause.

While there is no fee to participate, we kindly ask each team member to set a personal fundraising goal of $100. Asking for support from family, friends, co-workers and business associates is an easy way to reach this benchmark! 

Sign up today and we'll provide you with simple tips to spread the word and obtain support. 

Support JJsAngeLS in the Walk 'n Roll for ALS: 2021



Che Padilla

John Jacobus

Nichele Niemi

Nichele Niemi

Gina Ahrens

Randy Klump

Sarah Easler

Shelli Farnum

Matt Luttenberger

Vanessa Kramer

Vanessa Kramer

Vanessa Kramer

Gina Ahrens

Elizabeth Kloha

From The Klohas, in Memory of Elizabeth M. Cockrell, my nana, and for your family fighting!! 💚💚

Lee O'Connor

Donna Pawloski

Thank you for walking, good luck on meeting your goal!

Randy Bruce

Someone we love has ALS

Linda Kirsch

Molly Dando

There are close to 1,000 pALS (people with ALS) in Michigan battling ALS everyday, and another 200 are diagnosed every year.

ALS of Michigan provides critically needed, community based services to Michigan pALS and their families. From respite care to speech services to equipment loans to support groups, seminars, and workshops, we are there every step of the way to make living with ALS a little bit easier.

But, we need your help.

Please support our walk team so we can continue to provide the services that our ALS community has come to depend on.

Thank you!

- JJsAngeLS

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