Our Walk, Run or Roll is going freestyle in 2020!

 As we approach our Walk, Run or Roll season this year, we're going freestyle, where you're free to participate in person at one of our walk sites or "virtually" on the date and place of your choice!

20TH Annual Walk 'N Roll for ALS!

Sign up as a "virtual walker" and participate at the time and place of your choice or join us at one of our walk sites. All walks are dog and wheelchair-friendly, approximately 3 miles long and raise funds for local services that support pALS (people with ALS) and their families.

Sunday, September 20 - Emerson Park, Midland
1 PM Registration | 2 PM Walk

Sunday, September 27 - Hawk Island Park, Lansing
10 AM Registration | 11 AM Walk

Sunday, October 4 - Kensington Metropark, Milford
10 AM Registration | 11 AM Walk

Sunday, October 4 - Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp.
10 AM Registration | 11 AM Walk


Second Annual Bull Run

A timed 5K run preceding the Kensington walk along a paved park trail.

Sunday, October 4 - Kensington Metropark, Brighton
8:30 AM Registration | 9:30 AM Run
$35 registration fee to participate.  Fee is waived with $100 in donations.

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First Annual Calf Mile for Kids

A 1/2 mile fun run on a paved park trail for kids 12 and under starting before The Bull Run.

Sunday, October 4 - Kensington Metropark, Brighton
8:30 AM Registration | 9:15 AM Run
$25 registration fee to participate.  Fee is waived with $50 in donations.

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Total Raised: $

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
PALS TOGETHER! Kim Graziosi VisitJoinDonate$34,750Kim Graziosi
Team S.A.R.Z.L. Kenneth VanBlaricum VisitJoinDonate$100Kenneth VanBlaricum Kenneth VanBlaricum
Pat's People Susan Lindsey VisitJoinDonate$360Susan Lindsey Susan Lindsey
The Calf Mile Kenneth VanBlaricum VisitJoinDonate$0Kenneth VanBlaricum Kenneth VanBlaricum
The Team Jack Built Amy Hewitt VisitJoinDonate$0Robertson Family Amy Hewitt Amy Hewitt
Judy’s Army Sally Gerhardt VisitJoinDonate$0Sally Gerhardt Sally Gerhardt Nicholas Gerhardt John Shaughnessy
Cathie's Cohorts Carrie Ordiway VisitJoinDonate$0Carrie Ordiway Carrie Ordiway
AlwaysInOurHearts Sue Burstein-Kahn VisitJoinDonate$2,500Sue Burstein-Kahn Sue Burstein-Kahn Tanya Lamont Robert Martis
Gary’s Army Valerie Fahner VisitJoinDonate$280Valerie Fahner Valerie Fahner
Papa Joe Samantha Bross VisitJoinDonate$150Samantha Bross Samantha Bross Taylor Bross Isaiah Bross Sally Voyles
Team AwesoME! Heather Lawless VisitJoinDonate$2,685Heather Lawless Heather Lawless
Judie's Wings Vicki Wettach VisitJoinDonate$500Vicki Wettach Vicki Wettach
KissMyALS Ann Brady VisitJoinDonate$700Marah Allen Ann Brady Ann Brady Anne Dines Mark Hall Fiona Hamilton Rustine Janiszewski
MLS vs ALS Mitch Shaver VisitJoinDonate$3,025Lisa Bergkoetter Kristie Gill Joie Hancock Ben Pawley Catherine Robinson Joan Ruelle Mitch Shaver Mitch Shaver Rhonda Shaver Mariah Shaver Merick Shaver
Sandy's Family Aprylle Jimenez VisitJoinDonate$0Aprylle Jimenez Aprylle Jimenez
Toni's TEam Nancy Fisher VisitJoinDonate$100Nancy Fisher Nancy Fisher Cathy Hodges
Dot’s Trotters Dawn Johnson VisitJoinDonate$0Dawn Johnson Dawn Johnson
Marching for Matty 2020 Matthew McKeown VisitJoinDonate$0Matthew McKeown Matthew McKeown Matthew Oblak
The Colonels Shannon Kelly VisitJoinDonate$1,500Kristen Hayward Shannon Kelly Shannon Kelly Kari Neal Patrick Tracy Rutledge Tracy Rutledge Vanessa Zack
Team Jim Becky Bortak VisitJoinDonate$0Becky Bortak Becky Bortak
Jean's Dragonflies Debbie Polley VisitJoinDonate$0Debbie Polley Debbie Polley
Team Randy Amanda Pomaville VisitJoinDonate$155Amanda Pomaville Amanda Pomaville Jeremy Shaw
Michelle Lams Charles Clavenna VisitJoinDonate$1,200Charles Clavenna Charles Clavenna
GrandpaAllen Ronald Gothelf VisitJoinDonate$75Ronald Gothelf Ronald Gothelf
JoeyCarli Krista Maggard VisitJoinDonate$0Krista Maggard Krista Maggard
Dicks Angels Jill Betz VisitJoinDonate$150Jill Betz Jill Betz Gail VanCoevering
Keep Movin Robert Fehrenbach VisitJoinDonate$285Robert Fehrenbach Robert Fehrenbach Kimberly Grawburg Megan Rizzo Peter Rizzo
Hutt's Hikers Joseph Hutton VisitJoinDonate$525Joseph Hutton Joseph Hutton
Jerry's Always Close at Heart Crew Marcie Seavolt VisitJoinDonate$125Marcie Seavolt Marcie Seavolt
Mary Ann's Angels Thomas Newcombe VisitJoinDonate$0Thomas Newcombe Thomas Newcombe