Creekside Walkathon 2021

September 17, 2021

Creekside's annual fundraiser is back, and the students are ready to raise funds toward enrichment programs and materials, such as: Mobile STEAM Museum, SchoolHouse Symphony, new playground equipment, and classroom materials. Family and friends are encouraged to help the Creekside Cubs achieve their goal!

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Start by clicking the option to join your classroom teacher's team. The top three classes which raise the most funds will win exciting prizes!

F i n d   y o u r   t e a m   b e l o w

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
2 - Allan Allan VisitJoinDonate$660 Allan Allan Anna Burnett Anna Burnett Anna Burnett Sophia Connor
k - Benjamin Benjamin VisitJoinDonate$850Hannah Ablordeppey Allan Zahi Allan Benjamin Benjamin ANNA BURNETT Clara Connor Clara Connor Alisha Elsen Tiffini Gray Frederick Perry Jerry Tolstyka Addie White
1 - Bruns Bruns VisitJoinDonate$1,162Eric Albieri Bruns Bruns Carson Donner Nika Frazier
2 - Buffler Bufler VisitJoinDonate$935 Bufler Bufler Sophie Davis Beckham Diemer Morgan McCann Evan McCaslin Luke McCaslin Kallie Theiss
k - Cavender Cavander VisitJoinDonate$520Grace Almendinger Cavander Cavander Anthony G Paul Hummel
k - Crew Crew VisitJoinDonate$1,386 Crew Crew Alana Jacobs Krish Kramer Nora Martin
2 - Eggert Eggert VisitJoinDonate$940Elise Boveington Hunter Boveington Eggert Eggert Azalea Gonzalez Kari Lane Kari Lane Emerson Lane Tara Neel Tara Neel Mandy Schwartz
1 - Engler Engler VisitJoinDonate$1,700Rowan Adams Veronica Dlesk Engler Engler Nora Marsala Todd Mueller Logan Mueller Calvin Young
2 - Fetzer Fetzer VisitJoinDonate$1,435Maliah Brown Fetzer Fetzer Nicole Gomez Annie Hummel Rylee Kleinhenz Grant Lopez Duncan Martin Sydney McWhorter
k - Fiore Fiore VisitJoinDonate$655 Fiore Fiore
1 - Fischer Fischer VisitJoinDonate$750 Fischer Fischer
k - Frantzis Frantzis VisitJoinDonate$345 Frantzis Frantzis Monica Pellissier
2 - Kellerman Kellerman VisitJoinDonate$780Lexington Bukosky Kellerman Kellerman Jacqueline Thompsonm
k - Luehrman Luehrman VisitJoinDonate$585Connor Doroba Luehrman Luehrman
k - Milo Milo VisitJoinDonate$1,040Alisa Dixon Leo Gianfagna Milo Milo
k - Montgomery Montgomery VisitJoinDonate$495 Montgomery Montgomery Archie Schlensker
1 - Morris Morris VisitJoinDonate$690Andrea Bakmaz Ellie Cox Corinne Goller Morris Morris
1 - Morton Morton VisitJoinDonate$585Gemma Bishop Finnian Haxton Morton Morton
2 - Mueller Mueller VisitJoinDonate$325Lilliana Johnsen Mueller Mueller Aubrey Rom
2 - Muia Muia VisitJoinDonate$772Dominic Kerr Muia Muia Delainey Schlensker Norah Wedder
1 - Musser Musser VisitJoinDonate$1,340Emerson Bukosky Frankie Daily Sebastian Diaz Musser Musser Samuel Pletsch Lila Shrestha Charlie Singeltary Aidan Urbassik AJ Watson
k - Schuster Schuster VisitJoinDonate$0 Schuster Schuster
2 - Shropshire Shropshire VisitJoinDonate$305Leah Ablordeppey Shropshire Shropshire
1 - Sprague Sprague VisitJoinDonate$381Rosa Martinez Cameron Runion Sprague Sprague
1 - Stine Stine VisitJoinDonate$1,035 Stine Stine
1 - Stone Stone VisitJoinDonate$616Kati Goldsberry Kati Goldsberry Autumn Hacker Autumn Hacker Sophie Singeltary Stone Stone
2 - Waldfogel Waldfogel VisitJoinDonate$1,000Crystle Coffey Waldfogel Waldfogel
1 - Winkle Winkle VisitJoinDonate$660Lilly Daily Cassidy Skelton Winkle Winkle
2 - Wilson Wilson VisitJoinDonate$1,070Alex Bukosky Chloe Wallace Wilson Wilson
K - Rinaldi Rinaldi VisitJoinDonate$1,225Charlie Beischel Ryder Brown Everett Buckreus Elliott Bukosky Caleb MASUR Cara McFadden Rinaldi Rinaldi