CREEKSIDE WALKATHON - September 29, 2023

Support our Creekside Cubs at the annual Walkathon! This superhero-themed event is our only annual fundraiser. Donations from the Walkathon go directly toward field day shirts for all students, field trip bussing, free family events, and school equipment upgrades. Prizes will be awarded to top-earning classes, with school-wide prizes awarded based on the collective amount of money we raise. Our suggested donation is $30 per student, but any amount is appreciated! All donations are due by September 29th at 4PM. The winners will be announced the evening of September 29th.

Thank you for your support


Find the name of your student's teacher below and click VISIT or DONATE.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Morris - 1st Darby Morris VisitJoinDonate$1,451Jackson Lane Darby Morris Darby Morris Emelyn Okes Paxton Olson
Benjamin - K Amanda Benjamin VisitJoinDonate$645Amanda Benjamin Amanda Benjamin
Cherko - K Rachael Cherko VisitJoinDonate$1,291Avery Beuerlein Rachael Cherko Rachael Cherko Sophia Docena
Csakvary - K Amy Csakvary VisitJoinDonate$254Amy Csakvary Amy Csakvary
Cunningham - K Nicole Cunningham VisitJoinDonate$351Nicole Cunningham Nicole Cunningham
Blackburn - 1st Megan Blackburn VisitJoinDonate$387Megan Blackburn Megan Blackburn
Frantzis - K Samantha Frantzis VisitJoinDonate$356Samantha Frantzis Samantha Frantzis
Knabe - K Taylor Knabe VisitJoinDonate$789 Taylor Knabe Taylor Knabe
Luehrman - K Luehrman Sarah VisitJoinDonate$876Luehrman Sarah Luehrman Sarah
Montgomery - K Lauren Montgomery VisitJoinDonate$866Bryson Bostick Lauren Montgomery Lauren Montgomery
Stone - K Wesley Stone VisitJoinDonate$500Wesley Stone Wesley Stone
Fischer - 1st Jami Fischer VisitJoinDonate$1,094Jami Fischer Jami Fischer Hawthorne Johnsen Avery Lane
Herald - 1st Ian Herald VisitJoinDonate$723Ian Herald Ian Herald Bridget Skelton Eleanor Wiggins
Musser - 1st Penny Musser VisitJoinDonate$400Penny Musser Penny Musser
Patterson - 1st Sara Patterson VisitJoinDonate$138Sara Patterson Sara Patterson
Ridinger - 1st Kayla Ridinger VisitJoinDonate$572Kayla Ridinger Kayla Ridinger
Sprague - 1st Gloria Sprague VisitJoinDonate$436Gloria Sprague Gloria Sprague
Stine - 1st Kayla Stine VisitJoinDonate$415Kayla Stine Kayla Stine
Todd - 1st Kasey Todd VisitJoinDonate$693Reed Collins Kasey Todd Kasey Todd Kasey Todd
Winkle - 1st Kasey Todd VisitJoinDonate$198Kasey Todd Kasey Todd
Allan - 2nd Stephanie Allan VisitJoinDonate$497Stephanie Allan Stephanie Allan
Bufler - 2nd Morgan Bufler VisitJoinDonate$502Morgan Bufler Morgan Bufler
Cavender - 2nd Lizzie Cavender VisitJoinDonate$1,192Charlie Beischel Lizzie Cavender Lizzie Cavender
Eggert - 2nd Lauren Eggert VisitJoinDonate$783Lauren Eggert Lauren Eggert
Fetzer - 2nd Tammy Fetzer VisitJoinDonate$785Everett Buckreus Tammy Fetzer Tammy Fetzer
Kellerman - 2nd Julie Kellerman VisitJoinDonate$809Julie Kellerman Julie Kellerman
Mueller - 2nd Julie Kellerman VisitJoinDonate$394Julie Kellerman Julie Kellerman
Waldfogel - 2nd Beth Waldfogel VisitJoinDonate$384Beth Waldfogel Beth Waldfogel
Wilson - 2nd Rhiannon WIlson VisitJoinDonate$601Rhiannon WIlson Rhiannon WIlson
Wodzisz - 2nd Kate Wodzisz VisitJoinDonate$326Kate Wodzisz Kate Wodzisz
Creekside ECS - GENERAL SCHOOL DONATION Creekside PTO VisitJoinDonate$60Creekside PTO Creekside PTO
Fiore - K Maria Fiore VisitJoinDonate$932Maria Fiore Maria Fiore Kumar Shrestha Norah Slater