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creekside walkathon 2021

September 17th

Support 2 - Wilson in the 2021 Creekside Walkathon




Supporting Brooke Boettcher


Matthew Boettcher

Greg Updike

Timothy Fox


Sean & Jenny Wallace

We are proud of you Chloe! Go Team WIlson!


Lauren Shelley


Elise Haddad


Maggie Perry

Go Briella!!


Kris Gibson

Go Chloe!!!YAY!!!


Lixiang Yang

Linda Carpenter

Nora Mang


Rhiannon Wilson


Laura Bukosky

Amanda Trautman

Jamie Lusk


Peter Boettcher

Brooke Boettcher is my granddaughter


Eileen Sorrows

Traci Stankiewicz

Cindy Bastin

My granddaughter Olivia Trautman is on this team




Laura Conder

Adam Boettcher

The Creekside Cubs need your help!

Support our Creekside Cubs as they dress in their favorite superhero attire and take to the track for Creekside’s annual Walkathon on September 17th. This fun, superhero-themed walk is Creekside’s only annual fundraiser. It’s always a fun day, as the students walk around the freshman high school track while listening to music and raising money for enrichment programs such as:

  • Mobile STEAM
  • School House Symphony
  • Playground equipment
  • Classroom materials

Please support our students efforts by making a suggested donation of $40 - or any amount you choose. Every donation helps!

AND, the three classes which raise the highest amount of money will be awarded exciting prizes! 

All donations are due by September 17th. Thank you for your support!

- 2 - Wilson

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