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February 25 - April 7, 2019

In Ramsey County, 1 in 9 residents and nearly 1 in 6 children struggle with hunger each year. In parts of St. Paul, the numbers are even higher. More than half those served by food markets are children.

Page Name Participant Webpage Donate Total raised
Sarah's Funds for Food Sarah Berger VisitDonate$175
MFD Tara Parrish Tara Parrish VisitDonate$0
Annie's March Food Drive Fundraiser Annie Celander VisitDonate$0
Dermatology Consultants, PA Bill Kenney VisitDonate$0
Amira Adawe Amira Adawe VisitDonate$0
Lee Bunge Lee Bunge VisitDonate$450
Mike Clark Mike Clark VisitDonate$0
Shawn Curti Shawn Curti VisitDonate$270
Rassoul Dastmozd Rassoul Dastmozd VisitDonate$0
MJ Horner MJ Horner VisitDonate$250
Rebecca Kanninen Rebecca Kanninen VisitDonate$0
Leo Lopez Leo Lopez VisitDonate$0
Troy Lupe - Comm-Works Troy Lupe VisitDonate$0
Michael Mader Michael Mader VisitDonate$0
Joanne Mullen Joanne Mullen VisitDonate$0
Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor VisitDonate$0
Ron Orlando Ron Orlando VisitDonate$100
Robert Richman Robert Richman VisitDonate$0
Luis Rosario Luis Rosario VisitDonate$1,500
Sarah Sanfilippo Sarah Sanfilippo VisitDonate$0
Bradley Schmeling Bradley Schmeling VisitDonate$1,172
Kathy Schubert Kathy Schubert VisitDonate$0
Jim Thiher Jim Thiher VisitDonate$0
Jerry Towne Jerry Towne VisitDonate$0
Rose Tuiyott-Lewis Rose Tuiyott-Lewis VisitDonate$0
Stephanie Wolkin Stephanie Wolkin VisitDonate$186
Elsa Vega Perez - March Food Drive Elsa Perez VisitDonate$25
Hannah’s Birthday March Food Drive Fundraiser Hannah Rudkin VisitDonate$55
Lockridge Grindal Nauen March Food Drive Kara Osterman VisitDonate$0
Kate’s March Food Drive Funds! Kate Panning VisitDonate$361
Joan's Fundraising Page Joan McDonough-Schlecht VisitDonate$0
Robert Richman March Food Drive Robert Richman VisitDonate$0