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Shawn Curti



Hey Friends and family,

I have been on the Neighborhood House the last 3 years.  THis organization is making a REAL difference in St. Paul for the community we serve.  

IBelow is some information about our organization and your help is needed now more than ever!  Please consider helping us in any way with our Food Drive!

Seems so simple--just $36 will help us feed a family for a week!

Thank you all! And I appreciate your help!


Neighborhood House is a St. Paul multi-service agency that has provided wrap-around services for immigrant, refugee and low-income families since 1897. The life-changing work at Neighborhood House includes our March Food Drive, an annual campaign that aims to fight hunger for Minnesota families. I’m hoping you’ll join us in this effort! 

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 families in Minnesota—that’s more than 500,000 Minnesotans--are currently experiencing food insecurity, meaning they can’t always afford the food they need for their families. From hardworking low-income families, our seniors on a fixed income, to those faced with a sudden loss of income, our neighbors need our help with getting fresh, nutritious food.  


Shawn Curti
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