The Walk-a-Thon is Endeavor's only fundraiser for the PTO.  Your donation will help the PTO sponsor special events throughout the school year such as Culture Day, Talent Show, Rocketblast and Trunk or Treat.  This year we are also raising funds for monitors in the building, stage equipment and additional benches for our outdoor areas.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Finnerty Beth Finnerty VisitJoinDonate$960Beth Finnerty Beth Finnerty
Highfill Jenn Highfill VisitJoinDonate$392Jenn Highfill Jenn Highfill
Joseph Kristi Joseph VisitJoinDonate$535Kristi Joseph Kristi Joseph
Perry Beth Perry VisitJoinDonate$1,220Beth Perry Beth Perry
Pierce Debbie Pierce VisitJoinDonate$475Debbie Pierce Debbie Pierce
Stallard Kathy Stallard VisitJoinDonate$224Kathy Stallard Kathy Stallard
Wagner Annie Wagner VisitJoinDonate$1,748Annie Wagner Annie Wagner
Adams Molly Adams VisitJoinDonate$1,480Molly Adams Molly Adams
Batt Lauren Batt VisitJoinDonate$311Lauren Batt Lauren Batt
Grayson Kaylee Grayson VisitJoinDonate$579Kaylee Grayson Kaylee Grayson
Higdon Dawn Higdon VisitJoinDonate$805Dawn Higdon Dawn Higdon
Peoples Kristin Peoples VisitJoinDonate$1,446Kristin Peoples Kristin Peoples
Romito Nicole Romito VisitJoinDonate$491Nicole Romito Nicole Romito
Shotwell Brittany Shotwell VisitJoinDonate$171Brittany Shotwell Brittany Shotwell
Watkins Bobett Watkins VisitJoinDonate$873Bobett Watkins Bobett Watkins
Hatfield Teri Hatfield VisitJoinDonate$1,574Teri Hatfield Teri Hatfield
McGlothin Alicia McGlothin VisitJoinDonate$913Alicia McGlothin Alicia McGlothin
Scarbriel Audrey Scarbriel VisitJoinDonate$592Audrey Scarbriel Audrey Scarbriel
Stang Brittany Stang VisitJoinDonate$450Brittany Stang Brittany Stang
Walters Jeff Walters VisitJoinDonate$346Jeff Walters Jeff Walters
Williamson Maureen Williamson VisitJoinDonate$683Maureen Williamson Maureen Williamson
Zestermann Pete Zestermann VisitJoinDonate$404Pete Zestermann Pete Zestermann
Brown Michelle Brown VisitJoinDonate$1,231Michelle Brown Michelle Brown
Burnett Stephany Burnett VisitJoinDonate$420Stephany Burnett Stephany Burnett
Combs Bryce Combs VisitJoinDonate$800Bryce Combs Bryce Combs
Cronk Julie Cronk VisitJoinDonate$405Julie Cronk Julie Cronk
Gardner Amanda Gardner VisitJoinDonate$212Amanda Gardner Amanda Gardner
Hoeting Tonya Hoeting VisitJoinDonate$1,042Tonya Hoeting Tonya Hoeting
Shircliff Ashley Shircliff VisitJoinDonate$439Ashley Shircliff Ashley Shircliff