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The peace ribbon

August 1st to August 9th

Commemoration of bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • How do I add pictures?
    • There are 3 ways to do this
    • Click the "Join" link above, sign up to get an account, and you will receive instructions on how to upload.
    • If you have an Instagram account, add pictures to Instagram with the hashtag "#ribbon2020" or "#peaceribbonpanel" and they will appear
    • If you have a Facebook account, post a picture to "The Peace Ribbon" page, and we will add it to the page.
  • How do I upload an image to my Peace Ribbon Panels page?
    • Login to your account using the e-mail you signed up with. The login link is above.
    • Click on "My Event" and then "Modify Page". This will take you to your page.
    • Click on the "Edit Slideshow or Video" button above the images.
    • Follow the instructions there for adding or replacing an image. Be sure to click on one of the thumbnail images to activate the editor.
    • Once uploaded, your image will appear on the Panels page. The images uploaded directly to the Panels website appear in the top section.
  • How do I add an image to Instagram?
    • Login to your Instagram account.
    • Add an image and tag it with "#ribbon2020" or "#thepeaceribbonpanel"
    • Within a minute or so, you should see your panel on the "Panels" page. Instragram images show at the bottom. You may have click on "Load More" to see your image.
  • How do I add an image to "The Peace Ribbon" Facebook page?
    • (Details on Facebook group to follow.)
    • Within a minute or so, you should see your panel on the "Panels" page. Facebook images show up below the images loaded directly to the Panels website.