Trinity Church, Asbury Park NJ

September 10, 2022              Rain Date September  24,2022

The Fourth Annual Jersey Shore Ride for Food Justice is back! 100% of the proceeds raised will be used to support local Food Justice programs including Saturday Soup, our Food Pantry, Women’s Hospitality Network and our Housing Initiative. The safety of our riders, volunteers, and supporters is our top priority. Therefore we are offering two options for the ride.  Option one is a 15, 30, or 62 mile bike ride along the beautiful Jersey Shore that begins and ends at Trinity Church in Asbury Park. Option two is a 15, 30, or 62 mile bike ride done on your own on the day of the ride and you share your photos and experiences with us. Of course with either of these options you are welcome to ride any distance that is comfortable for you. We invite riders of all levels to join as individuals or as a team

All routes start and end at Trinity Church, Asbury Park

15 Mile Route: 11:00am 

30 Mile Route: 10:00am

62 Mile Route: Rolling Start 7:00am to 8:00am

15 Mile Route Ride with GPS

15 Mile Route pdf 

30 Mile Route Ride with GPS

30 Mile Route pdf

62 Mile Route Ride with GPS 

62 Mile pdf

New this year: gear up for the ride by clicking on the link below and visiting our 

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The 2022 Jersey Shore ride for food justice is proudly sponsored by... 





Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Esola Strength and Fitness Sonja O'Brien VisitJoinDonate$7,040Alana Costantino Debra Esola Debra Esola isabelle ferreira Cindy Molitor Sonja O'Brien Sonja O'Brien James Steindecker MARIANNE VIEIRA
Default Team Dave Osis VisitJoinDonate$0Dave Osis
General Donation General Donation VisitIndividualDonate$4,540General Donation
The Stoics (Team Polli and Michael) Polli Schildge VisitJoinDonate$3,120Donna David Tom Freudeheim Michael Kushner Kristina McQuilkin Polli Schildge Polli Schildge David Schreier
It's Raining Bikes Derek Bloom VisitJoinDonate$10,225Derek Bloom Derek Bloom Ginny Delino Paul MacKenzie Jack Murtha Jack Murtha Ryan Werthmuller Tim Wise
Quad Squad Kris Hlatky VisitJoinDonate$20,082John Anderson Susan Browne Carrie Capaldi Marie Connelly Ted Dellinger Antoine Drye Jean High Dave Hill Kris Hlatky Kris Hlatky Pippa Hlatky Dallas Hlatky Michael Mellor Elizabeth Nowak George Pugnetti Francis Reynolds Sonny Stevens Colleen Wu Colleen Wu Debra Yuhas
The 8 o-clockers Megan Jones VisitJoinDonate$1,175Megan Jones Megan Jones Sandra Zak
Team Atonement Diane Brockel VisitJoinDonate$1,241Diane Brockel Diane Brockel donald brockel Erik Brockel Kellie Brockel Peter Calhoun Drew Edelson Suann Moore Daniel Moore Peggy Steelman Grace Timko Lauren Zodl
Jersey Shore Touring Society Sheryl Nishiura VisitJoinDonate$1,557Barbara Chroman William Cruz Suzanne Fico Mikhail Giller Kevin Kenney John McNamara Sheryl Nishiura Sheryl Nishiura Paul Sakson Mark Schussel Hank Steinberg Steve Surowitz
Pilarri Bros Construction Jessica Pillari VisitJoinDonate$660Brian Garbarine Jack Green KImberlee Hoyle John Hoyle Jeff Mandell Jessica Pillari Jessica Pillari Keith Renfroe Joann Weeden
Holy Trinity Manasquan Susan Ardito VisitJoinDonate$4,383Steve Apostolacus Susan Ardito Susan Ardito Greg Blash Jane Decker Karen Hahn Jacqueline hall Jodi Heinz Hank Heinz Letitia Jensen Scott Schaffer Nancy Thorne Bonnie Ullmeyer Claire Vilanova Sherry Walsh
SREA Pedaling Pedagogues Katie McGowan VisitJoinDonate$4,610Linda Ensor Katie McGowan Katie McGowan Ellen Minze Tim Minze Dave Osis Luis Rodriguez Alice Simonson
DaverD David Dvorin VisitIndividualDonate$80David Dvorin
The Rector's Vector Chase Danford VisitJoinDonate$3,025Chase Danford Chase Danford Pamela Renee
James Caverly James Caverly VisitIndividualDonate$40James Caverly
Noah Perabo Noah Perabo VisitIndividualDonate$1,500Noah Perabo
Beth Punzi Beth Punzi VisitIndividualDonate$665Beth Punzi
Tracy and Paul Paul Chiappetta VisitIndividualDonate$355Paul Chiappetta
Peninsula Warrior Eagles Lauren Inzelbuch VisitJoinDonate$2,275Rosalie Crossan Kerri Crossan Kennedy Crossan Cecilia Foster Jenni Foster Gracie Genkinger Lauren Inzelbuch Lauren Inzelbuch
C Team Marcy Cohen VisitJoinDonate$992Marcy Cohen Marcy Cohen Steven Cohen Stacie Morgan Tori Morgan
Biscotti Boys William Anderson VisitJoinDonate$220William Anderson William Anderson
Tempora Michael Tempora VisitJoinDonate$660Linda Everk Michael Tempora Michael Tempora Joseph Wilchinsky VisitIndividualDonate$40Joseph Wilchinsky
Charlie Rides CHARLES HAGON VisitIndividualDonate$240CHARLES HAGON
S&J Riders Phyllis Simon VisitJoinDonate$100Ephraim Jerchower Phyllis Simon Phyllis Simon
Rusty Bikes Tom Bovino VisitJoinDonate$2,555Tom Bovino Tom Bovino Lisa Bovino
Kabir Kabir Khanna VisitIndividualDonate$100Kabir Khanna
Second Life Bikes Kerri Martin VisitJoinDonate$90Vicki LaBella Kerri Martin Kerri Martin
lenny erlanger Lenny Erlanger VisitIndividualDonate$100Lenny Erlanger
Deal School Families Nora Doyle VisitJoinDonate$295Nora Doyle Nora Doyle Emilie Olds Matt Olds Emilie Petrucelli Andy Place
SB Road Racers Sherry Braun VisitJoinDonate$130Sherry Braun Sherry Braun Jason Seliger-Braun Jason Seliger-Braun Jason Seliger-Braun Jason Seliger-Braun
Karin Wingard Karin Wingard VisitIndividualDonate$115Karin Wingard
Renee Hynes Renee Hynes VisitIndividualDonate$40Renee Hynes
Toni Hynes Toni Hynes VisitIndividualDonate$40Toni Hynes
Wolfie Christina Wolf VisitIndividualDonate$90Christina Wolf