Acworth-COBB Dragon Boat Race and Festival

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Dallas Landing Park, Acworth, Ga.

Saturday, May 6, 2023 ,  9:00 am - 4:00 PM

We would love to have you join the team.  just fill out the registration form and get ready for the fun!!  Registration fees can be paid on line or by mailing a check Payble to :Acworth Cobb Dragon Boat Festival, to the address below.

You may also make donations to the team or an Individual member using the donation page or mail a Donation  check to :

Acworth-Cobb Dragon Boat Festival, Inc.

  P. O . Box 7176  Marietta, Ga. 30065

Support Purple Dragons LACO in the 2023 Acworth-Cobb Dragon Boat Race and Festival



Roben West

Rooting for you, Laura!

Sally Newman

Good luck to your team Becky! Have a great time!

Judy Held

Molli von Essen


Terresa Tarpley

Carol Brogsdale

Greg Null

Go Laura!

Ashley Drumm

Laura & Pat Gourley

Jan Riffe

Kathleen Bode

Kathy Rasberry

Judy Kelley

Donna Cavaness

Richard Ruppert

Joe Moreland



James Cieslik

Tyler Phillips

Alex Bear

Jim Reiter

Go Lindsay!!!

Laura Dempsey

Connie Corpening


Miho Paone

Marisa Reinhardt

To the whole team, but supporting Katherine Cooper! GO Team!!

Connie Wiltey

Jason Morris

Monique Morton

Lynna Lee

Jenny Ray

Teresa Huerta


For those we have been blessed to know who are still with us and those who we have lost, but who are forever in our hearts.


Gail Podolsky

Howard Bellew

Go Purple Dragons. GO!!!

Susan Spencer



Robert Shannon

Good Luck

Betsy Usher

Go Laura!!

Nicole Stone

Linda Lamb

David Cohen

Go Judy Go!!!

Andrea Sillah

Go Lindsay Fortner! Great charity and event!

Cheryl Kordela

Judy Held

Clarissa Cole

Krista Rubino

Madison Peddycoart

Judy Held

Brian Bridegum

Timothy Brady

Always willing to support the fight against Cancer… My wife is a Cancer survivor and I know all too well the affects that it can have on the individual and their Families… Be Blessed

Kristin Tiliakos

Ellen Reynolds



Frank Kosakowski

Tammy Tucker

RIB North America

Kendra Metzger

Richard Taylor

Melony Duggin


Barry Gromada

Good luck, wish I lived there that sounds like an awesome event.

michele norton

Todd Abrams

Happy to support Judy in this great cause

Tanya Dobles

Michael Kupershtein

Drew Mullady

Blake Gilstrap

Brenda Silverman

Cynthia Little

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