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A message from Harvard EWB Water for Pinalito

Harvard University Engineers Without Borders (HUEWB) is currently working to provide clean water for the rural agricultural community of Pinalito located in the heart of the Dominican Republic. Due to the lack of a functioning municipal water supply, residents have been forced to drink from their only other water source -  a river contaminated by decades of dangerous agricultural waste run-off. This has led to an especially high incidence of severe waterborne illness particularly among the young children and elderly. Our chapter is working hard with the community to redesign and build a new clean water supply for Pinalito, so that safe reliable drinking water is the norm rather than a distant luxury.

Your generous donation will go towards our upcoming January 2014 implementation trip where we plan to drill a new well and install distribution piping to centralized community spigots so that clean water is never more than a few feet away.

Every little bit counts so we hope you'll join us in our efforts to help those in need. 

- Harvard University Engineers Without Borders

Recent Donations

  • Christopher Lombardo ($1350.00)
  • Casey Grun ($200.00)
  • Emily Field ($150.00)
  • Daily Guerrero ($150.00)
  • William Jameson ($150.00)
  • Anonymous ($150.00)
  • Maureen Lombardo ($35.00)
  • Tunde Demuren ($150.00)
  • Anonymous:
    Keep up the great work! ($10.00)
  • Nicole Martinez:
    Love Mom :). ($125.00)
  • Anonymous ($20.00)
  • Emily Reese:
    Yay Casey Grun! ($5.00)
  • Usha Jasrasaria ($100.00)
  • Dipti Jasrasaria ($10.00)
  • jim & Julia mccarthy ($100.00)
  • Victoria Jones ($150.00)
  • Joe Lombardo ($50.00)
  • Propp Family ($500.00)
  • Diana Ullman ($70.00)
  • Ross and Laura Baker ($200.00)
  • Alexandra Barstow:
    Aman Iman! Do excellent work. ($50.00)
  • Jackie Schechter ($5.00)
  • Lawrence Bentley ($150.00)
  • Kate D'Orazio:
    woohoo such a great cause! ($5.00)
  • Rudolf Grun:
    a worthy project and I'm proud that my Grandson, Casey Grun, is involved again this year. ($250.00)
  • Paul & Kate Gaffney:
    Keep up the great work in the Dominican! ($5000.00)
  • Alison Richards:
    James Dreben '17 told us about this and suggested we contribute. Sounds like a great project! ($125.00)
  • Sylvia Percovich ($150.00)
  • Anonymous ($150.00)
  • Tunde Demuren:
    Travel fee ($150.00)
  • Shasi Munukutla ($500.00)

Goal: $15000

Last updated: 12/31/2014