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The Boston University chapter of Engineers Without Borders is a student group that was formed in 2006. We are currently working with the community of Naluja in Zambia to produce better cell phone signal, which will help the local clinic more quickly relay necessary HIV test results. We are also developing a bike generator for the community to have more consistent electricity, and Biosand Filters to reduce the prevalence of E.-coli infections. For more information about our group and projects, please visit our site.

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There are lots of ways to get involved, whether donating money or spreading the word. Every little bit is appreciated, so thanks for participating! And check back often to see our progress, and how you've helped make a difference.

- James Parsons

Recent Donations

  • Perry Schein:
    Sorry I couldn't make it to the silent auction this year. Best of luck with the project in Naluja! ($50.00)
  • Anonymous ($10.00)
  • Wesley Parsons:
    Keep up the great work! ($100.00)
  • Alana Flores:
    Best of luck to you guys! ($20.00)
  • Sanjay Deshmukh:
    EWB - BU Chapter - I applaud your noble, scientific work in Zambia. Good luck for fundaraising goal. ($50.00)
  • Judith Elam ($70.00)
  • Anonymous ($50.00)
  • Jeremy Schein ($100.00)
  • Anonymous:
    Best of Luck! ($25.00)
  • Tina Jefferies:
    from aunt tina on behalf of James Parsons ($275.00)
  • Sharad Jodh:
    with my blessing and best wishes ($100.00)
  • Leticia Medina-Pacheco:
    EWB - BU Chapter, We are so proud of you and the work you are doing in Zambia.Good luck for Naluja! ($50.00)
  • margaux grinman ($50.00)
  • Christine & Jack Ekchian:
    Thank you EWB- BU Chapter for all the wonderful work you are doing! ($50.00)

Goal: $10000

Last updated: 01/15/2013