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A message from Rutgers 2012 Giving Campaign

Donations will be matched starting on November 26th, until all donations reach $100,000 or $10,000 per Chapter! This happens fast!

Engineers Without Borders-Rutgers Chapter is a non-profit organization that partners with communities around the world to implement sustainable engineering solutions that improve lives. We have completed a water disinfection system project in Thailand, and we are currently working on a diverse array of projects – from water distribution systems in Kenya and Guatemala, to an irrigation system for urban community gardens in nearby Camden, New Jersey. But so much more needs to be done- which is why we need your help in our Holiday Giving Campaign.

Tragically there are over 850 million people without access to safe water around the world. The work that EWB-USA Rutgers does is exactly what this crisis needs, but it will not be effective unless each of us does our part- and we need your help. You have the opportunity to be incredibly generous, and help provide clean water and nourishment to thousands of families in need across the globe- from our own backyard in New Jersey to our distant friends in Central America and Africa. 

In the spirit of the holiday season, let's use our collective power to make water a constant in every home.

Recent Donations

PoopFace ($5.00)
-eric hanas
My first paycheck! Happy to help ($60.00)
-Kriti Gupta
-Richard Darveau
Azim Hossain APO ($5.00)
-Azim Hossain
-Bhavani Prabha
-anna szczekutowicz
Go Rutgers EWB ($5.00)
-Maureen Goodacre
For Rutgers EWB ($5.00)
-Robert Goodacre
Good luck guys! ($5.00)
-Monal Agrawal
Good work guys! ($50.00)
-Bob Protesto
-Duy Anh
-Emmanuel Hernandez
Get 'em Mo! ($10.00)
-pradeep selvan
keep up the great work guys! ($20.00)
Good luck Rutgers!!! ($20.00)
-Melissa Lash
To All of the EWB-ers; Keep up the good work - it always pays off! See you at the Golf Outing! ($100.00)
-David Pal
-Hubert Chang
I donate 7.20 for lighters and more hair gel. ($7.20)
Great work EWB-USA Rutgers! ($5.00)
-Robert Goodacre
For Elise! ($10.00)
-Denise Zappia
Good Job Sravya. Keep it going. ($5.00)
-Soumya Dasigi
Good Luck & Wish the team the very best in all their Projects ($5.00)
-Narasimha S Khasnavees
beast modeeeeeeeee ($10.00)
-samuel choung
So proud of Wyatt! Keep your giving spirit going! ($40.00)
-Shannon King Norton
-Tom Zagaja
-Andrew Stoveken
-Raj Agrawal
-Mary T Taylor
For Harshil ($5.00)
-alpa dave
-harshil dave
Woohoo! Go Rutgers! ($5.00)
-Victoria Gennaro
Organizations such as EWB empower communities and students to solve issues! ($100.00)
-Jon Tarczewski
Keep up the good work!! almost there guys !! :) ($10.00)
-Abdelhakim Ergaibi
Great job Rutgers! you are the best! ($5.00)
-Jessica Kretch
Go Liz!!! :) ($6.00)
-Dana Silagi
-Sara Fischer
good luck y'all ($5.00)
-Jawad Ali
-Evan Silagi
Go Liz! Hooray! ($5.00)
-Alex Silagi
-Angela Juneau
Nicole Del Monaco, thanks for helping. Awesome! ($25.00)
-Del Monaco Doyle Doreen
-Victoria Yeung
-michael gallagher
-Sue Ip
-Chun-Ki Yim
Nice plate ($5.00)
-Kevin Chang
-Cullin Poresky
Go Camden Project! ($10.00)
-Charles Poresky
-Douglas West
-Joyanne Hanna
-Omar Walli
Your hard work will save lives. Thanks. ($20.00)
-Gale Reed
Great work, keep up. ($10.00)
-Daksha Ganatra
Member donation ($5.00)
-Tuan Le
*Membership donation ($10.00)
-Thomas Thompson
Let's keep up the great work! ($11.00)
-Shriram Sundarraj
-Noel Krommenhoek
-Noel Krommenhoek
-Helene Goldfarb
Great Work Rutgers! ($5.00)
-John Silagi
-Robert Galante
Keep up the great work, Rutgers! ($50.00)
-Kajal Patel
Member donation ($5.00)
-Huu Le
Sachi Bhalerao, APO Delta Rho ($5.00)
-Sachi Bhalerao
-David Beck
-Sonia Lee
Keep up the good work. ($50.00)
-Charles Roth
-Elena Gorenburg
EWB... maybe Excellence With Balance ($20.00)
-Richard Reed
I am so proud of our Rutgers Chapter of EWB - Susan Albin Industrial and Systems Engineering ($100.00)
-Susan Albin
good luck sis ($5.00)
-Michael Saltzman
u go gurl ($5.00)
-Wendi Liu
good luck ($5.00)
-Mark Saltzman
-Nenad Gucunski
Member donation* ($5.00)
-Kim Nguyen
-Michelle Leung
Awesome work, guys! Keep doing work like this after graduation too!!!! ($25.00)
-Pratik Patel
in honor of Namrata Kuklarni ($24.00)
-Jonathan Flint
From Natalya (on behalf of Jim). Good luck! ($25.00)
-Jim Hankins
Keep up the great work. You guys are awesome! Go Kenya! ($20.00)
Keep up the great work! ($50.00)
-Natalya Shimunova
nice work! ($50.00)
Thank you for representing the best of SoE! ($50.00)
-Susan Kilduff
Engineers who go out and DO things can change the world. Good luck reaching your goal RU chapter! ($50.00)
-Allison Thomas
As Buch Campus Dean, I am inspired by the dedication, time and efforts of the Rutgers EWB Chapter ($100.00)
-Thomas Papathomas
Keep up the good work! ($100.00)
-Jens Riedel
Continue to inspire us all! Keep up the great work! ($50.00)
-Sandra Kutzing
This is donated for the Kenya Project. ($50.00)
-May Ha
Can't wait to see what the next semester has in store!! ($15.00)
-Derek Dechent
-Sravya Khasnavees
-Jazmin Garcia
Justin Savarin "APO" ($5.00)
-Justin Savarin
Donation made at the request of student Rebecca. ($50.00)
-Patricia Serenelli
-Daniel Schulze
Rutgers Student Chapter member ($15.00)
-Jeremy Balise
Chapter Member--Dues + Donation ($35.00)
-Joseph Convery
with respect ($20.00)
-Theresa Collins
Congratulations on all of your great work!!! ($100.00)
-Anthony Welch
For Natalya Shimunova and the Kenya Project ($25.00)
-Sandra Smith
for Gabrielle Caparimo- APO ($5.00)
-Gabrielle Caparimo
Gabrielle Caparimo APO ($5.00)
-Gabrielle Caparimo
Because of Serena Mueller, she is an inspiring young lady ($20.00)
Because I love Liz! ($25.00)
-Joshua Kopelson
allot to kenya's funds afterward. Good luck guys! ($20.00)
-Serena Mueller
First place, let's go! ($5.00)
-Travis Bumgarner
-Jay Tobia
I'm feeling this year-end giving campaign thing. :) R!....U! ($51.00)
-Manika Jain
-Michael Yim
Miranda Ma - APO ($5.00)
-Miranda Ma
ALL THE CHANGE! ($90.52)
-Maya Saltzman
Keep up the good and make all of us proud of your accomplishments ($100.00)
-Noshir Langrana
-Accounts Payable Dept
Great Job team Kenya and Natalya! Dig them wells! ($50.00)
-Andrei Itkis
What a great cause! Happy to contribute. ($100.00)
-Oleg Korenfeld
You da best ($25.00)
-Christopher Poresky
Continue to positively impact the community! ($10.00)
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. ($10.00)
-Karen Connor Connor
The good work is greatly appreciated. ($50.00)
-Nancy DiTomaso
-Harshal Agrawal
-Rajesh Agrawal
-Manju Agrawal
EWB-USA Rutgers Rocks! ($25.00)
-Monal Agrawal
-Divya Vijapurapu
-Divya Vijapurapu
-Shivangi Ganatra
Dues ($15.00)
-Nicole Del Monaco
Chapter Dues! ($15.00)
-Shaili Tanna
Great Work! ($15.00)
-Max Balter
In support of those in need served by the best EWB Chapter in the world! ($100.00)
-Jeffery Rankin
-Nicole Emmanuel
-Nicole Kent
-Kayla Williams
-Alexander Hobbs
-Richard Huang
-Richard Samarakone
Rutgers EWB Camden Member ($15.00)
-Sid Borsadia
Frederika Morgan, APO Delta Rho ($5.00)
-Frederika Morgan
Support Rutgers EWB-GO CAMDEN PROJECT ($15.00)
-Nikhil Agarwal
Yay! ($200.00)
Chapter Member ($15.00)
-Rebecca Wenokor
Go EWB-USA Rutgers!! Win that grand prize :D ($125.00)
-Namrata Kulkarni
Just dues it! ($15.00)
-Colleen Thiersch
-Brian Goodacre
-Manika Jain
-Neha Sikka
Chapter member ($15.00)
-Michelle Chernick
Chapter Member ($15.00)
-Prachi Agrawal
-Prachi Agrawal
-Marisa Saltzman
Chapter Member ($15.00)
-Anthony Yang
Water is Life. ($15.00)
-Julian Modesto
Happy Holidays EWB-USA Rutgers! ($15.00)
-Elise Trivett
Chapter Member ($15.00)
-Maya Saltzman
Supporting Wyatt's efforts for a great cause! ($25.00)
-Katie Dean
-Wyatt Borden
GO WYATT!!!!!!! ($100.00)
whooooooo Rutgerssss ($15.00)
-Anh Le
-Elaine Yu
-Chun Yeung Yim

Goal: $10000

Last updated: 04/26/2013