Lauren's Hope Dragon Boat Festival

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Evergreen Lake, Bath, PA 

September 15, 2019

Dragon boat racing originated over 2000 years ago in ancient China. The ultimate team sport, dragon boats are 46 foot long vessels propelled by a crew of 20 paddlers and a drummer who keeps the pace with the cadence of the drum beat. There will also be a professional steerer provided by the dragon boat company.

Many people paddle to raise money for causes all over the world. This event will help raise money for brain injured children throughout the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. It will support the many initiatives that we do for our kiddos and our next big project, an adapted playground.

Grab your co-workers, grab your friends and family and get your team together. It's such an absolutely fun day for everyone. This is where you will Sign-up your team, or join a team. Each participant will be able to set your own personal fundraising goal on your own personal site page. If you are a team captain, you will be responsible for keeping your team posted on all information regarding our dragon boat festival. You will receive a captain's packet with everything you need to know. It's all about fun and charity. We are so excited to have you with us.  #paddlesup

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Liam’s Fire Jeanine Nagy VisitJoinDonate$615Payton Benz Lisamarie Dirusso Joana Feliciano Kelly Gillen Jamie Govaeea Anthony Gubicza Sheri Hanaway Paul Hiller Victoria Lopezrogina Jeanine Nagy Jeanine Nagy Justin Nagy Joe Napersky Jen Porter Ashley Roller Allison Roller Matthew Roller Lindsay Sibson Alexia Spain Jud Spain Alexia Spain Kathy Truby Bree Truby Sarah Weber Jennifer Wood
Shaggin Dragons Ann Flood VisitJoinDonate$875Bruce Bates Kolton Bates Sarah Beruta Kennedy Beruta Judy Carr Mike Carr Linda DePowers Kathy Elder Jonathan Elder Ann Flood Ann Flood Dan Flood Kristin Grim Jason Grim Jonathan Mack Patti Mondschein Kelly Nystrand Judy Rissmiller Jen Rissmiller Greg Rissmiller Susan Runco
Iron Core Kris Hicks VisitJoinDonate$275Christine Berman Theresa Bisbing Ryan Brinker Gannon Brinker Daniele Davanzo Denise Dvorkin Susan Ebien-Pesa Regan Englehart Jane Gagliardo Jan Gray Karen Hamner Kris Hicks Kris Hicks Tommy Leszkowicz Kevin Lilly Jamie Meixsell Helin Miranda Kim Nicholson Monica Schaller Christian Smith Holly Sussick Laurie Van Winkle Jadelyn Van Winkle Sean Van Winkle Camryn Van Winkle Gabe Woolverton
A Team Has No Name Jill Sanfilippo VisitJoinDonate$2,280Jennifer Amaral Sherrie Amelio Dave Cresci Brian DeFluri Louis Deraville Ryan Fedon Stephanie Herron Stan Holubowski Kevin Horvath Sharon Horvath Jason Mackie Christine McCann Elizabeth Moore Scott Munro Shannon Munro Addyson Munro Louis Rodriguez Jill Sanfilippo Jill Sanfilippo Gregory Tapler Clifton Turner William Zavacky
Smoke on the Water Michael Engler VisitJoinDonate$170Bruce Antonioli Janel Bubba Jerry Bubba Michael Engler Michael Engler Suzanne Engler Darren Engler Maddie Fulse Holly Fulse Joseph Fulse Skip John Tina Manning Bridget Roberts Travis Roberts
S.S. Minnows Shea Bennett VisitJoinDonate$150Philip Baldo Kyla Baldo Shea Bennett Shea Bennett LJ Bennett Malia Bennett Brooke Bennett Marcella Cardone Robert Cardone Frank Donley Sam Gaye Anthony Gonzalez Hilaria Lymas Brian McNally Taylor Mihalik Salimata Ouedraogo Marla Perdue Timothy Perdue Jennifer Shunk Christopher Shunk Cheikh Thiam Latasha Togba MaryAnn Trapp Rich Trapp Jarrod West
Drunk'n Dragons Ed Mehlig VisitJoinDonate$25Ed Mehlig Ed Mehlig Danielle Roland
Pottstown Dragon Warriors Robert Matthews VisitJoinDonate$0Robert Matthews Robert Matthews