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For 40 years, helping people with ALS (pALS), their families,
and caregivers to live life as fully as possible

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Total Raised: $ 200,740

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Default Team Event Editor VisitJoinDonate$0Event Editor
Team SARZL Kenneth VanBlaricum VisitJoinDonate$2,625Kenneth VanBlaricum Kenneth VanBlaricum
Auggie's Team Joanne Berry VisitJoinDonate$3,625Joanne Berry Joanne Berry
The Team Jack Built Amy Hewitt VisitJoinDonate$3,463Amy Hewitt Amy Hewitt Joe Hewitt Kaylee Reha Matt Tina Robertson Autumn Wynter Robertson Tiani Smith Tiani Smith
MLS vs. ALS Mitch Shaver VisitJoinDonate$6,017Pam Blanchard Amber Brabandt Matt Brown Jennifer Brown Andrea Carr Cameron Carr Benjamin Carr John Chamberlain Kim Chamberlain Dylan Chamberlain Chaselyn Chamberlain Ralph clauson Nicholas clauson sonja copeman David DeLlowe David & Michele Dubay Dominique Dubay Jaime Felt Traci Goodnough Joie Hancock Sam Hancock Trestion Hancock Raena Hancock Lisa Heitman Kevin Heitman Sharon Hengtgen Susan Hiipakka Scott Hiipakka Jennifer Howe Michael Hrobsky Richele Hrobsky Abigail Hrobsky Nickolas Hrobsky abby iverson amy iverson steve iverson Adam Jensen Elizabeth Kidwell Jonah Kidwell Karen and Pat Libby Julie MacFadyen Rachel McCarthy Theresa McClellan Joseph McGlinn Kayleigh McWhinnie Anna Moreno Michael Morgan Kari Morgan Amber Morgan erin obidzinski elana obidzinski brian obidzinski Shayla Padilla Steve Pawley Steve Pawley Teresa Pesci David Petrusha Becky Ricci Geri Ryan Shannon Samson Seth Schleben Mitch Shaver Mitch Shaver Rhonda Shaver edna shaver Jeramie Shaver Eryn Shaver Logan Shaver Heather Shaver-Woody Marylynne Tice Bryan Tice Brett Tice Sarah Vincenzetti April Worden
18th Annual Walk 'n Roll for ALS Susan Burstein VisitJoinDonate$18,350Susan Burstein Susan Burstein Amanda P Peg Siebert
Pat's People Susan Lindsey VisitJoinDonate$1,620Susan Lindsey Susan Lindsey Donna Olzak
Russ Raiders Jim Hunt VisitJoinDonate$1,860Jim Hunt Jim Hunt Beth Prater Lynda Smith
Team Ironman Mary Kleiss VisitJoinDonate$375Mary Kleiss Mary Kleiss
Friends of Cheryl William Brody VisitJoinDonate$450Christa Beattie William Brody William Brody Meghan Brody Ruth Brody Ruth Brody Faith Brody Faith Brody
Judie's Wings Vicki Wettach VisitJoinDonate$3,050Vicki Wettach Vicki Wettach
Remembering Rick Ruthann Aldrich VisitJoinDonate$1,359Ruthann Aldrich Ruthann Aldrich Nancy Roehrs Stan & Judy Rowe
JAFFE'S JOGGERS JAY WELFORD VisitJoinDonate$5,576Deborah Baughman Kreuza Gjezi Richard Marsolais Susan McMaster Ashleigh McMaster Regan McMaster JAY WELFORD JAY WELFORD Aimee Zak
Team Juanita Alexis Aldaco VisitJoinDonate$225Alexis Aldaco Alexis Aldaco Alicia Aldaco Maggie Depew Irene Gonzalez
Hiller's Hoofers Linda Novak VisitJoinDonate$3,100Linda Novak Linda Novak
MaryGilbert and Brian Chalmers family Mary Gilbert VisitJoinDonate$1,480Nick & Melissa Chalmers Pat Chalmers Mary Gilbert Mary Gilbert RICHARD Gilbert Nancy Griewahn Sharon Jordan David Jordan Paula,Sam & David Jordan Jill Lenz Alysia Masters Michelle Thibault & Ryan Bickley Candi Sandera Darcel Shankle Rachel Thibault Beth Thibault
Gary’s Army Valerie Fahner VisitJoinDonate$2,070Jerry Conner Stephanie Covell Valerie Fahner Valerie Fahner
Judy’s Army Sally Gerhardt VisitJoinDonate$413Hannah Apostolou Sally Gerhardt Sally Gerhardt Nicholas Gerhardt Ryan Hildenbrand Nancy Johnson Geana Kish Jarred McDuffey John Shaughnessy Susan Shaughnessy Amy Shaughnessy
DJ's Devotees Cerise Hopkins VisitJoinDonate$0Cerise Hopkins Cerise Hopkins
Team Gutherie April Thiel VisitJoinDonate$1,205Alana Colvin Jesse Colvin James Edwards Anna Gutherie Nicholas Harding Isabelle Harding Stephen Marrone April Thiel April Thiel Janice Thiel
Pelton Pride Tracy Touchette VisitJoinDonate$0Tracy Touchette Tracy Touchette
Team Andy Jill Guerrera VisitJoinDonate$1,400Jill Guerrera Jill Guerrera
JJs AngeLS Micki Trotter VisitJoinDonate$2,955Lori Carry Linda/Dick Kirsch Margaret Schneider richele Shelli Farnum Micki Trotter Micki Trotter
Paisa-Pat Patricia Riascos VisitJoinDonate$1,600Patricia Riascos Patricia Riascos
Always in Our Hearts Susan Burstein VisitJoinDonate$1,684Susan Burstein Susan Burstein
John's Jaunters Lois Carlson VisitJoinDonate$500Lois Carlson Lois Carlson
Marching For Matty Allison Smith VisitJoinDonate$8,571Trey Allen Brandi Arrowsmith Leslie & Adam Arsenault Krystal Bloch Mike Books Janice Byrnes Brie Cormier Scott Cullen Dennis DeMeere Krysten Dudek Alan Ensign David Fischer John Forbes Renee Gordon Theresa Hawes Matthew Hollis Dayna Hollis Anthony & Erin Joris Renee Maher Tara McCormick Sue McKeown Kaitlyn Milgie Jessica Moran Carolyn Nielsen Dana Oakley Brad Peake Shawn & Lisa Price john schaupp Allison Smith Allison Smith Shellie Smith Michelle Smith Pat Smith Jade Springart Mike / Carol Talevski / Snow Joyce Varilone Amber Washko Robert Weatherly Tim & Summer Wheeler Tim White
Irene's Dream Team Charlyss Ray VisitJoinDonate$1,300Charlyss Ray Charlyss Ray
Team Sprague Shelly Sprague VisitJoinDonate$0Shelly Sprague
Jean's Dragonflies Debbie Polley VisitJoinDonate$2,108Donna Malaski Nathaniel Malaski Kayla Malaski Alexa Malaski John Molnar Debbie Polley Debbie Polley
Team Robert L. Dutton Shelia Selke VisitJoinDonate$650Shelia Selke Shelia Selke
Wendy's Wonderful Warriors Rebecca Sylvain VisitJoinDonate$2,255Margaret Brown Evan Santini Rebecca Sylvain Rebecca Sylvain BRIAN SYLVAIN
Larry's Legs Maureen Hallead VisitJoinDonate$175Maureen Hallead Maureen Hallead Timothy & Elissa Pederson
Hugs for Pugs Joe Pugliese VisitJoinDonate$1,765Kristine and Eric Francois Joe Pugliese Joe Pugliese Steve & Jan Pugliese Sam & Jan Pugliese Sam Sam & Janis Pugliese Michelle/Sarah Vincent
Hutt's Hikers Joseph Hutton VisitJoinDonate$990Suzanne Fromson Jared Fromson Georgia Fromson Josh Fromson Heather Hilley Joseph Hutton Joseph Hutton
Sandy's Family Laura Jimenez-Bonney VisitJoinDonate$0Nick Carey Dominik Carey Cain harris Aprylle Jimenez Demitri Jimenez Arikkah Jimenez J'Naysia Jimenez Laura Jimenez-Bonney Laura Jimenez-Bonney Antonio Johnson N’ Suddeth Da'Niqueco Taylor
Team Robin Garcia Lisa Wentzel VisitJoinDonate$1,200Cindy Cooper Desiree Gist Mary Jo Rodgers Carol Sawdy Sharon Tyra Lisa Wentzel Lisa Wentzel shawna wentzel David Wentzel
Toni's Team Nancy Fisher VisitJoinDonate$300Nancy Fisher Nancy Fisher Jenna Fisher cathy Hodges John Hodges Tim Kroninger Joseph Kury Lauren Kury
Sheila Strong Amber Berger VisitJoinDonate$225Courtney Baize Amber Berger Amber Berger Amber Berger Ronald Bunker Andria Carleton Tracie Cooley Isabell Cooley Kristina Heverly Erik Lauble Aiden McTaggart Hunter McTaggart Heather Mills Jane Taylor Mark Taylor
Calvin's Crusaders Wanda Bohannon VisitJoinDonate$1,475Brittany Benincasa Christopher Benincasa Wanda Bohannon Wanda Bohannon Alena Dietz Kristine Hammond Tracey Madry Shelly Wright
Family and Friends of Mike Bullion Karen Bullion VisitJoinDonate$3,975Karen Bullion Karen Bullion Terrie Karebian Nick and Sarah karebian Tara Karebian
Hopeful hearts Peggy Mcknight VisitJoinDonate$0Peggy Mcknight Peggy Mcknight
Diane "Forever in our Hearts" Ed Ivone VisitJoinDonate$1,500Ed Ivone Ed Ivone Anthony Ivone Dave Terrian
Janet's Smile Lee Williams VisitJoinDonate$737Lee Williams Lee Williams Ellen Williams Lawrence Williams
Jimmy’s Guys and Dolls Tina Nelson VisitJoinDonate$300Tina Nelson Tina Nelson
Team T Herm Schippert Rebecca DeLorenzo VisitJoinDonate$2,235Rebecca DeLorenzo Rebecca DeLorenzo Mike DeLorenzo Karen Dombrow Gabrielle Gagnon Cynthia Hankins Debbie Knox Jennifer Leutzinger Janis McFarlane Mark Popa Geri Popa Michaeleen Schippert Darci Schippert Michael Schippert Larry Thomas Mona Wade Randal Wade Lydia Wade Randy Wade
Walking for Weller Jo Ellen Weller VisitJoinDonate$100Jo Ellen Weller Jo Ellen Weller
Charlie's Angels Jennifer Goulah VisitJoinDonate$700Jennifer Goulah Jennifer Goulah Jennifer Goulah
Team Jim Becky Bortak VisitJoinDonate$2,000Linda Anderson Dave Anderson Monica Birkam Becky Bortak Becky Bortak Theresa Gutierrez Kristin Handley Ryan Kaltenbach Lauren Oplesch David Palmer Parul Patel Julie Risdon Lizzie Risdon Layne Risdon Karina Sanchez
Laura’s Sunshine Striders Sue Wiktor VisitJoinDonate$2,145Debbie Beevers Mary Conley Patricia Kaye LaJean Nagrant Danielle Troia Laura Urbiha Sue Wiktor Sue Wiktor
Al's pALS Allison Sherry VisitJoinDonate$4,695Joeun Lee Allison Sherry Allison Sherry Kevin Sherry Brenda Yelle
Team Ed Barbara Glover VisitJoinDonate$425Barbara Glover Barbara Glover Mary Glover
Team Gene Floyd Walch VisitJoinDonate$150Floyd Walch Floyd Walch Danielle Winget
Team RolLEE Janna Lee VisitJoinDonate$6,970Domenic Accettura Daniel Bastin Nikita Halapeti Janna Lee Janna Lee Wilson Lee Henry and Mannor Lee Kristina Lee Alexander Lee Jonathan Lee Mike Lee Leedale Mcmiller Mona Patel Dora Reeber Josh Reeber Vivian Stevens Jade Thomas Stephanie zoltowski
Dick's Angels Jill Betz VisitJoinDonate$1,182Jill Betz Jill Betz Pamela Green Dawn Mack Dawn Mack Theresa Murphy Michael Murphy Karen Orban
Team Doug Funny Sara Mesnard VisitJoinDonate$75Christine Baxter Cody Baxter Caiden Baxter Sara Mesnard Sara Mesnard
Believe and Achieve David Wills VisitJoinDonate$75Lillian Townsend David Wills David Wills
Curt's Crew Dan Wernette VisitJoinDonate$710April Dunaj Dan Wernette Dan Wernette Shannon Wernette
Miles for Marian Marisa Stacy VisitJoinDonate$3,125Tracy DeVine Jason DeVine Adrienne Gannon Cynthia Howard Rick Howard Daniella Marchese Rebeca Marquez-Mayer Renee Maust Katherine Mitchell Arlita Moore Emily Simmons Marisa Stacy Marisa Stacy Rebecca Underwood Stephanie VandenBossche Maximilian VandenBossche Delilah VandenBossche
Team Tombo Richard Bousson VisitJoinDonate$4,939Richard Bousson Richard Bousson Cathy Clark Colleen Macciomei
Tireless Trekkers Cherie DiNicola VisitJoinDonate$293Cherie DiNicola Cherie DiNicola
Kowalski's Krew Julie Fullmer VisitJoinDonate$500Julie Fullmer Julie Fullmer
Team Susan Amy Zimmerman VisitJoinDonate$1,195Therese Regner Rachel Rosenbaum Amy Zimmerman Amy Zimmerman
Mike’s Marauders Jennifer Schau VisitJoinDonate$835Jennifer Schau Jennifer Schau
Maggie's Team Dianne Owings VisitJoinDonate$375Dianne Owings Dianne Owings
Papas Pals Becky Weber VisitJoinDonate$200wclvdhyw wclvdhyw Becky Weber Becky Weber
Steve's Pitt Crew Laura Schaffer VisitJoinDonate$600Laura Schaffer Laura Schaffer
HeartsHands Shawna Graca VisitJoinDonate$150Jessica Burling Jessica Davis Nick Eberline Shawna Graca Shawna Graca Dana Hollenbeck Jean Marnon Molly Oosting Tammy Spencer Shirley Swenson Shirley Swenson Christine Treesh
eBay Bob Justina Kammeraad VisitJoinDonate$1,350Justina Kammeraad Justina Kammeraad
Larry & Liz Zierath Elizabeth Zierath VisitJoinDonate$460Elizabeth Zierath Elizabeth Zierath
J.A.M. Walkers Ashley Alden VisitJoinDonate$0Ashley Alden Ashley Alden
Pam's People Donna Scally VisitJoinDonate$160Jodi Maclean Donna Scally Donna Scally
Memphis Team Greg Barb Auito VisitJoinDonate$410Barb Auito Barb Auito Jennifer Behnke Phil Biland Barbara Hanley Randy Hanley Mallory Kreuger Reinhold Kreuger Ben Kreuger Libbie Kreuger Brianna Kreuger Jaime Kreuger crystal kryska Annette Kryska Keith Page Aaron Woolman Amy Woolman
Team Dr. Craig Andrew Najor VisitJoinDonate$3,200Grace Colarossi Dr. Craig Griffin DeWitt Joshua Lenneman Andrew Najor Andrew Najor Gina Ogden Kim Phillips Sandy Simon Marisa Tomblin
Andy's Army Deb Stephan VisitJoinDonate$1,550Deb Stephan Deb Stephan
Jerry's Kids Cathy Podpora VisitJoinDonate$145Cathy Podpora Cathy Podpora
Linda's League Linda Kern VisitJoinDonate$945Mark Burrows Cathy Hunter Mark Hunter Linda Kern Linda Kern
Benjie and Rod Lesko VisitJoinDonate$3,435Karen Callockio Suzanne Creech Meranda Grunwald Abby Lauer Bryan Lauer Deborah Lesko David Lesko George Lesko Brad Lesko Maureen Lesko Mike Manor Anna Manor Jacquelyn Martin Karen Mesaeh Christopher Mesaeh Stephanie Mesaeh Rebecca Seeley Matt Seeley Anne Swint Kathy Wilkewitz Tom Wilkewitz Zach&jillian Wilkewitz Benjamin Wilkewitz Amy Wilkewitz Eric Wilkewitz
Brian's Buddies Cammie Guza VisitJoinDonate$65Danielle Blackhurst Cammie Guza Cammie Guza Stephanie Kretz
Chemical Bank Tanya Lamont VisitJoinDonate$1,485Carl Ahearn Kate Flores Kaylee Foote Bethany Hyvarinen Tanya Lamont Tanya Lamont Angela Pavlowski Amanda Pomaville Judy Valentino Keith Wenzel
Micene Marchers Janelle Micene VisitJoinDonate$500Janelle Micene Janelle Micene Mike Micene
Team Ann Krista Lewicki VisitJoinDonate$50Krista Lewicki Krista Lewicki
Red Rollers Sherrie Boak VisitJoinDonate$150Sherrie Boak Sherrie Boak
Team Comfort Kristen Watson VisitJoinDonate$675Jillian Fenimore Kristen Watson Kristen Watson
Wild Wild West Jessica Conway VisitJoinDonate$390Jessica Conway Jessica Conway Nicole Slater Alison Zalewski Kathie Zalewski
Nonney's Angels Shimika Leonard VisitJoinDonate$0Denise Brooks Shimika Leonard Shimika Leonard
Team Ureel Jennifer Ureel VisitJoinDonate$200Shelly Glass Jennifer Ureel Jennifer Ureel Gery Ureel
All 4 Paul Melissa Creamer VisitJoinDonate$1,035Ryan Cody Melissa Creamer Melissa Creamer Sherri Davio Bernie Harmon Angela Harmon Krista Howard Lorie Krebs Delanie Otto Nancy Otto Natalie Otto Prince Solace Luanne Stilwell Andrew Tracy
Team Arjana Enxhi Lalo VisitJoinDonate$3,099Andi Berati Ergi Berati Viollca Berati Enxhi Lalo Enxhi Lalo Joli Paparisto Giorgia Paparisto Silva Pregja Zonder Matt Robert McKinnon Broder Emily Zonder
Team JuJu Catherine Daly VisitJoinDonate$855Kay Annin Ed Annin Jill Brandeberry Laurel Burns Catherine Daly Catherine Daly
Joyful Jay Walkers Linda Spranger VisitJoinDonate$5,500Rodger Brown Whitney Brown Campbell Family Linda Spranger Linda Spranger Theresa Spranger Jason Spranger
Team Larry Randy Louks VisitJoinDonate$325Randy Louks Randy Louks Debbie Moore Melissa Q Tammy Siebert Gary Siebert Cindy Siebert
Walking For Those Who Can’t Lynne Noelke VisitJoinDonate$1,180Douglas Brzak Jenny Heinrich Anne Hill Anne Hill Lynne Noelke Lynne Noelke Carol Wyman
Sunday Walkers Dayle Prinstein VisitJoinDonate$240Dayle Prinstein Dayle Prinstein
Team Courage Honoring Kevin Schiller Peggie Schiller VisitJoinDonate$2,005Peggie Schiller Peggie Schiller
We Do It 4 Bobby! Pamela Provenzano VisitJoinDonate$4,671Antoine Antoine Morris Ryan Collen Nicole Collett Bryan Collett Sean Denton Daniel Hall Pamela Provenzano Pamela Provenzano Bud & Lee Ann Provenzano Sammy & Gabby Provenzano Pat and Bob Suvoy
Lucas Jamie Tetreau VisitJoinDonate$0Gregory Degroot Shawna Gutherie Kimberly Hugan Jamie Tetreau Jamie Tetreau Priscilla Wright
team GIBBY Sarah Roushia VisitJoinDonate$775Autumn Fletcher Lindsay Miller Patricia Rappuhn Sarah Roushia Sarah Roushia
Henry Ford Health PALS Georgene Kennedy VisitJoinDonate$425Georgene Kennedy Georgene Kennedy
Team Rosebud Rose Nohel VisitJoinDonate$1,964Rose Nohel Rose Nohel Wendy Thielen
Memory of Robert M Petrie - Bob the Builder Coleen & Robin Joye VisitJoinDonate$275Coleen & Robin Joye Coleen & Robin Joye Jackie Paulson Rhiannon Surgener Kelli Taylor Kyrstyn Viers
TEAM MOOSE Amanda Meylan VisitJoinDonate$0Amanda Meylan Amanda Meylan
Ann's Angels Mandy Pas VisitJoinDonate$1,420Halee Herron Lyndsay Jaworski jeff laidlaw Mandy Pas Mandy Pas JEFF PAS Michele Pas David Pas Kimberly Stevens Taylor Stevens Mackenzie Stevens Chase Stevens
Rick's Rollers Lori Dey VisitJoinDonate$540Whitney Alt Lori Dey Lori Dey Alexis Dey Joel Dey Ashlynn Graff Emily and Paul Spitzley
Thumbs Up For a Cure laura swartzendruber VisitJoinDonate$0laura swartzendruber laura swartzendruber
Snake strikes als Kim grayvold VisitJoinDonate$1,694Sherry Day Kim grayvold Kim grayvold Janice Palazzolo
Hilly + Max Hillary Cherney VisitJoinDonate$1,523Hillary Cherney Hillary Cherney
Team Arcadia Connie Carroll VisitJoinDonate$0Kailyn Brown Connie Carroll Connie Carroll Alison Feiler Nathan Foerg Sharice Gregory Tomyah Johnson jessica singer Shannon Singer Connie Smigielski Vincent Wardlaw
Todd Army Mary Todd VisitJoinDonate$0Mary Todd Mary Todd
Board Buddies Lisa Alteri VisitJoinDonate$2,000Lisa Alteri Lisa Alteri Lisa Alteri
Papa Jim's Team 2018 Jim Nuttall VisitJoinDonate$75Jim Nuttall Jim Nuttall
Each’s Peaches Kristine Wise VisitJoinDonate$173Kristine Wise Kristine Wise
Mt Haley Church of God Tara Aukerman VisitJoinDonate$175Tara Aukerman Tara Aukerman David Aukerman Melissa Partida Leah Woodrum Lorene Woodrum Greg Woodrum
Bob Buscetta’s Fan Club Melanie Guenther VisitJoinDonate$1,326Crystal DAgostino Melanie Guenther Melanie Guenther Lori Smith
Wojcie's Walkers Danny and Julie Tardella VisitJoinDonate$300Danny and Julie Tardella Danny and Julie Tardella
Communicating Solutions Lisa Bardach VisitJoinDonate$2,518Waneema Adams Lisa Bardach Lisa Bardach
Walking for Jonathan Amy Bushey VisitJoinDonate$200Amy Bushey Amy Bushey Townsend Family Molly Stewart
Dot's Trotters Dawn Johnson VisitJoinDonate$400Dawn Johnson Dawn Johnson Cory Palmgren
Jerrys' always close at heart crew Jean Grinnell VisitJoinDonate$925Jean Grinnell Jean Grinnell Dawn Hanks Ali Hanks Debbie Hanks Michelle Lownsbery Marcie Seavolt
Grandma’s Gladiators Margaret Schlump VisitJoinDonate$355Sharon Roosen Margaret Schlump Margaret Schlump
Remembering Nancy sandra Pace VisitJoinDonate$200sandra Pace sandra Pace Gus Pace
Wine-Y Folks Walking for ALS Karen Parks VisitJoinDonate$0Karen Parks Karen Parks
Katy's Kids Jaclyn Nummer VisitJoinDonate$565Tom Eggart Chris Eggart Emily Eggart TJ Landrum Jaclyn Nummer Jaclyn Nummer Daniel Otwell Rebecca Otwell Lori Otwell Lori Otwell Steve Otwell Steve Otwell Roxann Spencer Dana Ward
Wise Guise Pam Garcia VisitJoinDonate$400Pam Garcia Pam Garcia Sarah Garcia Jade Hesse Kay Wise Paula Wise-Hesse
JP's Eagles Holi Smith VisitJoinDonate$5,285Jane Aula Steve Aula Kelli Bott Traci Dixon Jamaine Dixon Karen Ellison Denise Evans Len Evans Chantelle Feeny Ryan Green Janet Haskins Kayla Kulhanjian Tim Lennon Peggy Magic Lou Magic Deb Murphy Karen Patrick Elizabeth Patrick Lindsey Patrick Kenneth Patrick Robin Patrick Mark Patrick Cathy Pickles William Reef Holi Smith Holi Smith Jason Smith Mary Thompson Patrick Traynor Jasmine Ulch Evan Ulch Sara Wendland Jon Wendland Laura Wilkerson
rosebuds winifred stroud VisitJoinDonate$0winifred stroud winifred stroud
Team "j4evermore" honoring James (Jim) Benaglio Julie Louis-Benaglio VisitJoinDonate$2,575Jamie Benaglio Teresa Broessel Mike Gorman Jessie Gruca Julie Louis-Benaglio Julie Louis-Benaglio Lee Louis-Prescott
Chef Benson's Walkers Linda Bell VisitJoinDonate$700Linda Bell Linda Bell
Life’s a Beach (In Loving Memory of Cindy Bohl) Kristy Becker VisitJoinDonate$450Kristy Becker Kristy Becker
Do it for Himm Lisa Kalesavich VisitJoinDonate$3,206Stacy Chaffee Melissa Clisch Andrea Dinsmore Deanna DuBois Lisa Kalesavich Lisa Kalesavich Cat Kalesavich Valerie Pesonen Linda Pesonen Dan Tartol
HB Redwigs Fred Booms VisitJoinDonate$300Fred Booms Fred Booms
Gary’s Froggies Debbie Moore VisitJoinDonate$100Debbie Moore Debbie Moore
Jack's Kids Karen Strandholm VisitJoinDonate$350Michele Cheston Steve Cheston Steve Cheston Karen Strandholm Karen Strandholm Jeff Strandholm
Robert's Walk Susan Neirynck VisitJoinDonate$650Susan Neirynck Susan Neirynck
Tom Terrific Carolyn Worford VisitJoinDonate$5,205Roger Haney Marcia Haney Marcia Haney Melissa Little Marcus Little Darwyn Parks tyrone parnell Dominique Robinson Lisa Ross Myrtle Townsend Carolyn Worford Carolyn Worford Ashleigh Worford
Mel’s Movers Marie Foguth VisitJoinDonate$100Marie Foguth Marie Foguth
Team Sean Kristin Kelly VisitJoinDonate$120Kristin Kelly Kristin Kelly
Brian’s Lions Annette Fruge VisitJoinDonate$0Annette Fruge Annette Fruge Don Fruge Gary Patelski Arlene Patelski Missy Stantz Eric Stantz Megan Stantz
Team Juncaj Francheska Juncaj VisitJoinDonate$0Francheska Juncaj Francheska Juncaj
Team Tara Jenny Gray VisitJoinDonate$1,175Anne Benacquisto Brittany Butler Steven Butler Renee Ciaramitaro Aubrey Ciaramitaro Raymond Contesti Jenny Gray Jenny Gray Keith Gray Desiree Henson Petrucci JR's Teresa Lechkun Stacey Moskal Guy Petrucci Lynn Petrucci Karen Petrucci lodia runco robert Runco louis/tino/anthony Runco Jill Scott Jordan Scott Karri Sparkman Dominic Tara
Unrelenting Hawks Kathie Klingensmith VisitJoinDonate$0Kathie Klingensmith Kathie Klingensmith
Conquer ALS Cortney Hughes VisitJoinDonate$80Cortney Hughes Cortney Hughes
KIDS IN MOTION Joni Grix VisitJoinDonate$0Joni Grix Joni Grix
Team Lorrie Lorrie Gobrogge VisitJoinDonate$0Lorrie Gobrogge Lorrie Gobrogge
Walkers4Beverly Renee Meeker VisitJoinDonate$215Renee Meeker Renee Meeker Samantha Meeker Chris Sokol
In Memory of Sharon Trombly Ronae Foster VisitJoinDonate$10Gina Arnold Griffin Carlson Shane DiDonato Ronae Foster Ronae Foster Jada Foster Brooklyn Foster Jordyn Foster B Foster Sydney Rekar Rondilyn Sieg Mark Sieg Samantha Sieg
Dave's Warriors Vince Maccani VisitJoinDonate$50Vince Maccani Vince Maccani
Paula’s People Paula Crelley VisitJoinDonate$240Paula Crelley Paula Crelley Liz Holcomb Carly Rowles Rachel Siwula
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