Support Bob Dra in the Celebration of HOPE Walk 2019



Barbara Price


Mitch Crenshaw

Laura Frasco

Alexis you amaze me day after day. You go girl for Bab!


Terence Moed

Good luck Martha

Jammie Rutkowitz

We love you Bob ❤️

Meghan Butler

Proud of you, Martha!

Jennifer Rouse

Ann Marie Bloxom


Daniel Fendt

Lisa Foti

Bob you are missed! ❤️👋 RIP

Julie Florez

Scott Goldenberg

denise tomlinson

Ashley Seylaz

Bob , We love you and miss you brother ! Sir Bob ♥️ Always remembered NEVER FORGOTTEN Love Ashley and Miguel !

Correy Wood

Kimberly Bell

Shraddha Friend

Great work Martha!

Maureen Butler

Walk the walk and talk the talk !

Dorothy Hanley

So very proud of you❤️

Heather Arias

Faith Casasnovas

I love you mommy! I’m so happy that you are my my mommy your the best

Deanna Taylor

We love u Britt were so proud of you. I love u mommy😍😘❤️

George Price


Robin Slack

Brittany Casasnovas

Angela Lugo


Meghan Van Blarcum

Carol Short

Nicole Grosso

Love you sis! So proud of you and I know Bob is too!!! xoxox

Carol Short

Tracy Sikorski

Carol Bladek

Ennis Esmer

Nicole McNamara

Erika Beck

I wanna walk with you

Maggie Delaney

Meghan Gorman

Alexis, I’m so sorry for your loss, but so happy you are walking for your friend. We need to keep bringing awareness and most of all, hope. Need to check my calendar, but I’d love to walk. Hope this little bit helps!

Brigid Coyne

In memory of Bob, and in honor of my incredible, brave and inspirational friend, Alexis Grosso <3 keep shedding light my friend. xo

Patti Schnorbus

Ashley Gonzalez

Meghann Chase

Shawn Flynn

Jake and Carolyn Franzoso


Britt Caruso

Sending so much love ❤️ So incredibly sorry for the loss of such a cherished man.

Melissa Bien

Alexis Grosso

I’ll miss you forever, not just my bffe but my right hand! I Love You Bob aka the Dra Mouse aka the Dra House aka Bobby Balbino

Barbara Paratore

Nothing but love5368

Cailin Bradley

In support of a loving family that is incredibly strong. Rest easy Bob 🧡

Jaclyn Butwinski

Emily Craig


Alexis Iradi

Kaitlyn Reiff


Ronnie Brown

Meghan Solden

Sending love to the Drahos Family at this very difficult time. The Soldens

Vincent Kunze


Lenore Thompson

RIP Bobby baby bear ❤

Traci Mobus

My heart is with you

Christine Mclaughlin

In memory of Bob Drahos. In hope to help others and prevent another life to be taken.

Jamie Leszczak

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. Addiction took my Dad last year and I admire your walk to end the stigma. I hope you find comfort in your celebration of Bob’s life.

Ximena Cadmilema

Toni Granato

We all have so much love for you, Bobby. I never laughed harder with anyone else than I did with you. You truly were so fun to be around and could light up a room with that smile not to mention all of the inside jokes, songs you loved to sing, and nicknames for us you came up with. Thank you for the countless memories and good times- I will hold them close to my heart. You not being here has left an empty place within us. But we will never stop fighting for you and your memory will always live on. ❤️

Lorraine Orosz


Thomas Eichen

Love you Bobby!! I'll miss you so much!! Till we meet again brother. You'll always be Baby Tommy's favorite :)

Debra Stanfield

In loving memory of Bob Drahos.

Beth Taveras


Patti and Dale Gundersen

We love you Bobby

Nicole Henry

Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Bob but if he was anything like the rest of the Drahos', he was nothing short of sporting a contagious smile with a great personality. Rest easy, Bob.

Linda Hartman

Michelle Johns

My love & prayers to Kevin & the whole family for their loss. May God bless everyone & bring peace to Bob. Rest in peace. & May "Hope Sheds Light" continue to support families & bring awareness to this important cause.

Erika Harrington

denise tomlinson

He was everything you said about him and more, Unfortunately I can not make the walk,I have a wedding but I will be there in spirit,Prayer and God bless you all!

Margie confenti

Love you guys and so very sorry for the loss of someone so special !

Carly Fuchs

love you bob

Genelle Gundersen

Miss and love you Bobby. You were truly one of a kind❤️

Sara Drahos

Rebecca Drahos

Love you brother ❤️

We’re taking a stand for recovery at the Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk in honor of Bob Drahos!

Bob lit up every room he walked into. He had a heart of gold, was so hardworking, and was beyond generous. He wore his heart on his sleeve and shared love and kindness with everyone he met. Bob had an incredible sense of humor that everyone loved him for, but few could explain. He was goofy beyond words and would say just about anything for a laugh. He is loved by so many and to say he will be missed, is such an understatement. The world simply will not be the same without his smile, his heart, his laugh, or his jokes. Please consider a donation to HOPE Sheds Light and/or join Team Bob Dra for the Sept. 7th walk for recovery <3

We miss and love you, Bobby.

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