Support Dope Sucks in the Celebration of HOPE Walk 2017



  • Emma Frost:
  • Emma Frost:
    Thinking of you, Mindy. -Emma

We’re taking a stand for recovery at the 4th Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk!

In one way or another I know we have all crossed paths with addiction in our lives. Whether you personally have struggled with the demons or you have watched and helped loved ones try to fight back, we have all been affected. Now more than ever we need to raise awareness and support organizations that are doing all they can to help those we love find their way to recovery. September 9th Hope Sheds Light is hosting their 4th annual walk on the Seaside Heights boardwalk to do just that, Shed Light. I have started a team called "Dope Sucks" with a $500 donation goal. I ask that any of you that are able to that you please join my team and accompany me as I join the sea of yellow to celebrate hope and show those affected by addiction that they are not alone. It's $10 per person and that includes your shirt. If you can't walk with me please consider making a donation. By supporting our team, you will help shed light as well as bring resources and support to families who need it. Please consider being apart of solution.

On August 28th of last year my dear friend Matt Yinglings name was called. He lived a beautiful life that I refuse to let be overshadowed by his passing. He spent his life helping others and putting them first and this year I will be walking for him. Matt is not the only friend of mine whose life was cut short and I will be walking in memory of all those I hold dear to my heart and I have included their picture in the slideshow. Unfortunately I also know that I am not the only one to lose someone in this battle. If you are able to join the team or make a donation please let me know whom you are walking for also. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

-Team Dope Sucks


Andy Polti 1989-2017

Matt Yingling 1985-2016

Nate Davidson 1981-2014

Kevin Walker 1989-2012