Join us at the 5th Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk to support those affected by addiction.

When: Saturday, September 08, 2018

Time: Check-in begins at 8 am

Where: Hiering Avenue Beach in Seaside Heights, NJ

Distance: 2 miles

Cost: $10 registration
All registrants receive a free T-shirt at the walk.

Event: Rain or Shine

Featuring: Entertainment, vendors and inspirational speakers

Start or join a team, or register individually to support HOPE Sheds Light in its mission to educate individuals, families and the community about the disease of addiction and to provide hope and resources for recovery. Once your registration is complete, you are ready to begin fundraising! Thank you for supporting our cause.

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Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
General Donation Team HOPE VisitJoinDonate$160Team HOPE Team HOPE
#WeAreTR Noelle Carino VisitJoinDonate$20Noelle Carino Noelle Carino Sean Morgan
We Got You Brittany Bellavance VisitJoinDonate$140Brittany Bellavance Brittany Bellavance Ashley Donato Danielle Greeves Denise Harman Kevin Harman Christina Lezzo Amanda Polhemus
FIGHT FOR LIFE KATLYN ALLOCCO VisitJoinDonate$1,010Kim Abelson Heath Abelson Lucas Abelson Patrick Alfano KATLYN ALLOCCO KATLYN ALLOCCO mark allocco kristine allocco Linda Ince Peter Ince Jeff Jacobs Pat Purcell Barbara Quigley Sharon Romano Kathy Stone Jack Stone Dawn Tintle/Seidel
Queens4Rose Jillian Spano VisitJoinDonate$940Danielle Balkin Jeffrey Balkin Jillian Spano Jillian Spano william spano
Design 446 Ann Marie Baker VisitJoinDonate$120Ann Marie Baker Ann Marie Baker Doug Baker Lauren Brajer Laura Crossan Ryan Crossan Jim Lanzone Michael Lanzone Bri Veltre Thomas Villane Sandy Villane
Ocean County College's 3 Sails Team Jane MacDonald VisitJoinDonate$130Jennifer Barnes Teagan Gambert Jane MacDonald Jane MacDonald Maria Paradiso Marisa Tiberi
Meridian Environmental Jessica DeLucca VisitJoinDonate$395Jessica DeLucca Jessica DeLucca Christopher DeLucca
In loving memory of Brianna Albanese Kristina Schumm VisitJoinDonate$10Kristina Schumm Kristina Schumm
Stepping Up for Sabrina Diane Simmons VisitJoinDonate$2,200Christine McGarry Diane Simmons Diane Simmons Stacey Simmons Nelsie Spencer Ted Wiezel
Team #20 Danielle Poulos VisitJoinDonate$695Tiffany Abma Lisa Eagel Josh Eagel Danielle Fazio Amanda Frey Dawn Kinsley Katelyn Lee Daniel Lee Danielle Poulos Danielle Poulos
You Are Worth It Lori Balwierczak VisitJoinDonate$590Lori Balwierczak Lori Balwierczak Jade Balwierczak Carleen Corso Laura Cronin Dayna Keough Diane Meleos Anna Pechillo Kathy Tague Hugh Tague
All County Kristin Marzarella VisitJoinDonate$1,045 Brook Copeland linda copeland Courtney Copeland Brandon Copeland Chris Cowan Kimberly Cowan Kevin Dowd Katelyn Dowd Sawyer Dowd Kristin Marzarella Kristin Marzarella
ConnorsWM Tennis Team John Connors VisitJoinDonate$145John Connors John Connors Jane Connors
Team Nick Nice 2018 Frank Cuiffo VisitJoinDonate$850Susan Capurso VITO CAPURSO Joanne Chupein Frank Cuiffo Frank Cuiffo Kim Cuiffo Gina Cuiffo Kristin Cuiffo John Cuiffo Helen Cuiffo Denise Cuiffo Joseph Cuiffo Billie Cuiffo Anthony Nieves Frank Rossmann Kim Rossmann
Too Inspired to be Tired Gina McNamara VisitJoinDonate$1,655Michael Bellina Christine Boyle Melissa DeNoia Kevin Donovan Donna Donovan Owen Donovan Meghan Donovan Stacey Kavanagh Gina McNamara Gina McNamara Bill McNamara Diane Nicolo-Pocino Lisa Obolsky Kate Olander Kate Olander Dale Olander Giovanna Pergola Cerina Pocino Giuliana Pocino Armando Pocino Jon Scherer Charity Scherer Carol Short
Inspire Pamela Capaci VisitJoinDonate$135Pamela Capaci Pamela Capaci
Andrew's Angels Nicholas Columbo VisitJoinDonate$180Nicholas Columbo Nicholas Columbo Hayley Columbo daniela columbo dominic columbo charlotte columbo emma columbo Scott Thompson Shannon Thompson
NJ Blue Thongs/ Blue Bells Kathy McElwee VisitJoinDonate$160kiki arevalo quinn arevalo NANCY GARDNER Arlene Hilton Mary Anne Hoffman Donald Hoffman andrea (kiki) arevalo Patti Lane Kathy McElwee Kathy McElwee Nannette McKendrick Ellen Prete Patricia Uhlich Barry Uhlich
FrednFriends Fred Marione VisitJoinDonate$10Fred Marione Fred Marione
lnmrsn Ellen Marsan VisitIndividualDonate$20Ellen Marsan
Jillian's Love & Light Ronald Foster VisitJoinDonate$370Whitney Fisher Anaya Fitzpatrick Ronald Foster Ronald Foster Lindal Foster Kimyotta Hankins Stephen Hunter Vanessa Powell Lisa Quinlan Hunter Stephenie Tidwell Otha Tisdale
CASA of Ocean County Heather Barone VisitJoinDonate$475Heather Barone Heather Barone Robert Coughlin Richard Moore Terri Peterson Theresa Peterson Kelli Peterson
Tradewinds Motor Lodge carolyn malanga VisitJoinDonate$150Christopher DeRitis carolyn malanga carolyn malanga jerry malanga dean malanga diana malanga jerry malanga kenneth malanga
Team Polanco Teresa Cirelli VisitJoinDonate$95Teresa Cirelli Teresa Cirelli
Lebutler Lauren Butler VisitIndividualDonate$10Lauren Butler
Team DJ Laurie Mcgettigan VisitJoinDonate$30Nicole Conwell Joe Conwell Laurie Mcgettigan Laurie Mcgettigan
USI Insurance Services Kim Manicone VisitJoinDonate$175Kathy Burgoyne Roger Burgoyne Traci Emmett Patrick Emmett Renee Glenn Kim Manicone Kim Manicone Pamela Rosanio Nico Rosanio Frank scott Kaitlyn Senatore Jeremy Pugliese VisitIndividualDonate$20Jeremy Pugliese
Frankie Desiree Kyner VisitJoinDonate$1,130Amy Cornwall Ashton Gunnell Joshua Gunnell Desiree Kyner Desiree Kyner Mike Kyner Annette Licata Constance Licata Dianne Licata Gayle Rolak
Discovery Institute of Addictive Disorders Danielle Krueger VisitJoinDonate$65Darlene Grimes Danielle Krueger Danielle Krueger Barbara Krueger Jacqueline Petrakian
Fighting for Hope Karissa Salas VisitJoinDonate$60Karissa Salas Karissa Salas
The Stress Center/Hyers Auto Body Glenn Candeletti VisitJoinDonate$1,150Glenn Candeletti Glenn Candeletti Debbie Candeletti Holly Hyers John Hyers Renee Vojtko
GiGi Gigi Paladino VisitIndividualDonate$80Gigi Paladino
Darlene for JD Darlene Shevlino VisitIndividualDonate$251Darlene Shevlino
Team Lacey Donna McAvoy VisitJoinDonate$60Nancy Joyce Donna McAvoy Donna McAvoy Tana Mitchell Colleen Tonkovich
Our Angel Jamie Lee Gayle Radetich VisitJoinDonate$1,385JoAnne Adamski Lisa Bethel Steven Bethel Meghan Dalton Kathy DeBoer Erica Del Plato Shannon Kish Debra Lizak Steven Lizak Patt Loftus Steph Loftus Barbara McDonagh Glen Morris Donna Nielsen Sandra Palmer Gayle Radetich Gayle Radetich Gabriel Radetich Sheryl Santelli Diane Varga
Sisters of Hope Joette Farrell VisitIndividualDonate$40Joette Farrell
Sheila Sheila Rockefeller VisitIndividualDonate$10Sheila Rockefeller
Team McColley JULIEANN FERRERI VisitJoinDonate$135JULIEANN FERRERI JULIEANN FERRERI Jeff Ferreri Louie Ferreri James McColley Julie McColley James McColley
Team FWH Georgette Kyriacou VisitJoinDonate$290Jason Anderson Jarred Fredericks Pat Fry vincent hatt amy hatt Joan Hildebrand Georgette Kyriacou Georgette Kyriacou Alexandra McMahon Lee Webb Nancy Webb Todd Webb Lee Sr. Webb Clover Webb Taryn Webb-Anderson
Cory Crenchaw Cory Crenshaw VisitIndividualDonate$10Cory Crenshaw
Liz Savino Liz Kvalo-Savino VisitIndividualDonate$10Liz Kvalo-Savino
Ann Nicotina Ann Nicotina VisitIndividualDonate$10Ann Nicotina
Joanne Vaccaro Joanne Vaccaro VisitIndividualDonate$10Joanne Vaccaro
Barbara Noonan Barbara Noonan VisitIndividualDonate$10Barbara Noonan
Jake Noonan Jake Noonan VisitIndividualDonate$10Jake Noonan
Anthonys Angels Sandra Florentino VisitIndividualDonate$30Sandra Florentino
Team Trident Bill Schmitt VisitJoinDonate$1,000Caitlin Kagel Corey Matthews Bill Schmitt Bill Schmitt Kellie Schmitt John Schmitt Kasey Schollenberger
Ragusa/DeCastro Michael Ragusa VisitJoinDonate$285Jennifer DeCastro Erin Duffield Sherrie Gehret Lance Pines Michael Ragusa Michael Ragusa Joan Ragusa Tara Ragusa Sean Ragusa Erica Smith
Team Rob Kimberly Parker VisitJoinDonate$190Lucia Candelario Megan Coyle Eileen Csipak SALLY KALKSMA Christine Liscio Maryann McLean Kimberly Parker Kimberly Parker Danielle Peteocelli Jett Simon
Pay it Forward Chad Warnken VisitJoinDonate$335 Chad Warnken Chad Warnken Nancy Warnken
Team Little Lou Nicole Arden VisitJoinDonate$215Nicole Arden Nicole Arden
Danielle's Darlings Lisa Cook VisitJoinDonate$560Kristin Burns francis champury Lisa Cook Lisa Cook Lucas Crocker Richard Dodrill Nancy Hestermann Desiree Hundamenn Bria Long Tyler Long Doran Manella Veronica Pastures Lorelai Pastures Robert Pastures III Robert Pastures IV Corey Sacramento
Ocean County Employees Ginny Haines VisitJoinDonate$55Carmen Amato Mary Jane Bavais MARIA CHESNEY Ginny Haines Ginny Haines
Earle Doug Earle VisitIndividualDonate$40Doug Earle
Team Nick Lauren Butler VisitJoinDonate$10Lauren Butler Lauren Butler
Team LEXI tracie rummell-wainwright VisitJoinDonate$115Lisa Beck Lisa Corris ed mcbride Steven Moschella Marie Petkavich tracie rummell-wainwright tracie rummell-wainwright Kim Vittetoe Gene Vittetoe Brian Wainwright
In Loving Memory of Tommy Walsh Kelly & Tom Walsh VisitJoinDonate$135Margaret Beecher LeVerne Beecher LEVerne (Sonny) Beecher Kelly & Tom Walsh Kelly & Tom Walsh Brittany Walsh Judy Woodward
RememberBobber Deborah Appello VisitJoinDonate$70Deborah Appello Deborah Appello Linda Francese Sharon Smith VisitIndividualDonate$10Sharon Smith ALLEN Smith VisitIndividualDonate$10ALLEN Smith
Roe Debora Biro VisitIndividualDonate$10Debora Biro
DJV Don Velard VisitIndividualDonate$10Don Velard
NJ Angels JoAnn Norcross Steven Lind VisitJoinDonate$20Steven Lind JoAnn Norcross JoAnn Norcross
Alex’s Angels Paula Deniz VisitJoinDonate$10Paula Deniz Paula Deniz
Stepping It Up John DelRe VisitJoinDonate$435John DelRe John DelRe Nancy DelRe John DelRe Nicole DelRe Donna DelRe Christina Leili
Keller Williams Realty Preferred Properties Alyssa Giglio VisitJoinDonate$60Alyssa Giglio Alyssa Giglio Michael Mabie Kristin Mabie Chase Mabie Gavin Mabie Landon Mabie
Kerri Kerri Paterno VisitIndividualDonate$10Kerri Paterno
Butterflies of Hope Tanya Robbins VisitJoinDonate$10Tanya Robbins Tanya Robbins
TeamKate Lydia Campbell VisitIndividualDonate$10Lydia Campbell
The Happy DeCamper’s Karen Penn VisitJoinDonate$120Sarah Carvalho Steve Carvalho Amber DeCamp Karen Penn Karen Penn James Penn Renee Penn Emily Penn
Matthew's Memory Holly Santore Dave Sullivan VisitJoinDonate$20Holly Santore Holly Santore Dave Sullivan
Team M.K.W. Andrea Nucifora VisitJoinDonate$90Alayna Galati Andrea Nucifora Andrea Nucifora Caitlyn Nucifora Shyanne Nucifora Amie Pannasch Dan Pannasch Kathy Rosetto Stephen Willis Denise Willis
Ocean Ride Willow Damato VisitJoinDonate$60Willow Damato Willow Damato Heather Gant Dawn Grosh Sandy Pizzi Dawn Schoeneberg Cindi Schott
MOAHU Michele Burke VisitJoinDonate$110Michele Burke Michele Burke
robzhopeshedslight Robin Zak VisitIndividualDonate$10Robin Zak
PCTR Amy VanBezooijen VisitJoinDonate$30Amy VanBezooijen Amy VanBezooijen Michael VanBezooijen Gunnar VanBezooijen
M&M Connect William L Dougherty VisitJoinDonate$20William L Dougherty William L Dougherty Lily Dougherty
Ryan C. Murphy's Black Irish Brianne Cuff VisitJoinDonate$70Judy Baldasare Brianne Cuff Brianne Cuff JoAnne Cuff Dan Kozlowski Jaclyn Murphy
Press Eliza Press VisitJoinDonate$45Jen Hyman Eliza Press Eliza Press
Team Colorco Diane Galgoci VisitJoinDonate$90Paul Anderson Chris Bates Brooke Bates Faith Bates Gary Gaalgoci Diane Galgoci Diane Galgoci Belma Jimenez Ana Meneses Darlina Roque Susan DeAngelis VisitIndividualDonate$10Susan DeAngelis