Support Michelle Proto in the Celebration of HOPE Walk 2017

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  • Mona Lekas:
    In memory of my nephew, Matthew Yingling.
  • Tina Yingling:
    Michelle, you will never know how much this means to Matthews family that you walk in honor of his name. How perceptive you are to understand what a gentle, generous and wonderful soul that has We choose to believe that one with such a beautiful light cannot be distinguished. We honor you for being a champion in his as well as others names .

We’re taking a stand for recovery at the 4th Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk!

On September 09th, we’ll join the sea of yellow on the Seaside Heights boardwalk to celebrate hope and show those affected by addiction that they are not alone.

By supporting our team, you will help us shed light on the disease of addiction and bring resources and support to families who need it. Please donate to make a difference.

- Dope Sucks