Royle WalK-A-THON 2023

September 29, 2023

Royle School is excited to be hosting their 3rd Annual WALKATHON!  The students are ready to raise funds for enrichment activities throughout the school year!  Family and friends are encouraged to help the Royle students achieve their goal!

Any donation is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for supporting our school!

Support Kinsley-4th Grade in the 2023 Royle School Walk-A-Thon



Michael & Devon Skehan


Nichole Jefferson


Wk3 Final Cash Entry Kinsley


Sean Spillane


Erin cohen


Kathryn Cooney


Wk1 Sign Pledges Kinsley


Wk 3 Signs Kinsley


Wk 3 Cash Pledges as of 9/26. Kinsley


Wk2 Sign Pledges Kinsley


Wk2 Cash Pledges Kinsley


Kelly Phelps


David Phelan


Brian Kaschel


Judith Krassner


Erika Derr


Kim BravoFerrer


Charlie Spillane


Rosemarie Stahl

Sponsoring Drew Cohen


Patti Cohen

Happy to learn that our grandson Drew is now a new 4th grader at Royals Grade School


Helena Cossaro


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Team Members

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