Royle WalK-A-THON 2023

September 29, 2023

Royle School is excited to be hosting their 3rd Annual WALKATHON!  The students are ready to raise funds for enrichment activities throughout the school year!  Family and friends are encouraged to help the Royle students achieve their goal!

Any donation is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for supporting our school!

Support Markham-Kindergartan in the 2023 Royle School Walk-A-Thon



Joanne and Tim Smee

Go Charlie!!!


Wk 3 Final Entry Markham



Way to go Brooke!


Caroline Adams


Kim Petre


Wk 3 Addtl Signs Markham


Wk 3 Cash Addtl Plgs Markham


Hilary Mulrenan


Seymour Borden


Wk1 Sign Pledges Markham


Wk1 Cash Pledges Markham


Wk 3 Signs Markham


Wk2 Sign Pledges


Elisabeth Harrington


Betsy Kilmartin


Barbara and Frank Nugent

Grandparents of Lucas Borden


Joseph Forde

Charlotte Forde - granddaughter


Josh and Lisa Borden

For Lucas Borden


sarah bolan


Stephanie Forde


Martha Rhein


Guy and Pam Van Baalen

For Owen


Rachael Nees

On behalf of walkers Chloè & Owen Van Baalen


Emily Baalen


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Team Members

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