ROYLE SCHOOL walk-a-thon

Friday, September 29, 2023  

Royle School will be walking in their 3rd Annual School Walk a Thon on 9/29.  The students will be walking to raise money for school enrichment activities.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for supporting our school!  We couldn't do the things we do without you!   

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Farber-Kindergarten Farber Kindergarten VisitJoinDonate$821Farber Kindergarten
Doonan- Kindergarten Doonan Kindergarten VisitJoinDonate$949Doonan Kindergarten
Markham-Kindergartan Markham Kindergarten VisitJoinDonate$597Markham Kindergarten
Cortese-1st Grade Cortese 1st Grade VisitJoinDonate$789Cortese 1st Grade
Keating-1st Grade Keating 1st Grade VisitJoinDonate$275Keating 1st Grade
McNamee-1st Grade McNamee 1st Grade VisitJoinDonate$325McNamee 1st Grade
DeLorenzo-2nd Grade DeLorenzo 2nd Grade VisitJoinDonate$495DeLorenzo 2nd Grade
Martin-2nd Grade Martin 2nd Grade VisitJoinDonate$416Martin 2nd Grade
Mason-2nd Grade Mason 2nd Grade VisitJoinDonate$910Mason 2nd Grade
Dragotta-3rd Grade Dragotta 3rd Grade VisitJoinDonate$707Dragotta 3rd Grade
Orvis-3rd Grade Orvis 3rd Grade VisitJoinDonate$1,127Orvis 3rd Grade
Tiani-3rd Grade Tiani 3rd Grade VisitJoinDonate$449Tiani 3rd Grade
Kinsley-4th Grade Kinsley 4th Grade VisitJoinDonate$1,022Kinsley 4th Grade
McCully-4th Grade McCully 4th Grade VisitJoinDonate$714McCully 4th Grade
Vetti-4th Grade Vetti 4th Grade VisitJoinDonate$374Vetti 4th Grade
McEwan-5th Grade McEwan 5th Grade VisitJoinDonate$348McEwan 5th Grade
Rosen-5th Grade Rosen 5th Grade VisitJoinDonate$455Rosen 5th Grade
Satter- 5th Grade Satter 5th Grade VisitJoinDonate$256Satter 5th Grade