Support Discovery Institute for Addictive Disorders in the Celebration of HOPE Walk 2019



Wendie Cohick

Sam Russell

David Staggard

Goal met. Just couldn’t take that last $20 hanging out there! <3

sharon arnold

Electra Willis

Stephanie Pivnik

Steph Raider

Thank you for making a difference ❤

Patricia Keegan

Margaret Cullinan

Thanks Savannah for all you do!!!

Jennifer Navarro

Recovery is possible thanks to amazing people like you!! ❣️

Patricia Razzano

So proud of you♥️

Gretchen Tamms


Marc Carrier

Jake Staggard

Go sissy! Love you

Ben Cohick

Love you and everything you work so hard for

gayle suhr

HOPE !!!

Erin Storer

Marguerite Cacciuttolo

David Costello

Love you, Madison...

Dawn Heckman

Michael Castaldo

Nikole Peek

So very proud of you! ❤️

Kathryn Staggard

Hope and love, always.

We’re taking a stand for recovery at the 6th Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk!

On September 7th, we’ll join the sea of yellow on the Seaside Heights boardwalk to celebrate hope and show those affected by addiction that they are not alone.

By supporting our team, you help us shed light on the disease of addiction and bring resources and support to families who need it. Please donate below to make a difference.

- Discovery Institute for Addictive Disorders

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