Join us at the 6th Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk to support those affected by addiction.

When: Saturday, September 07, 2019

Time: Check-in begins at 8 am

Where: Hiering Avenue Beach in Seaside Heights, NJ

Distance: 2 miles

Cost: $10 registration
All registrants receive a free T-shirt at the walk.

Event: Rain or Shine

Featuring: Entertainment, vendors and inspirational speakers

Start or join a team, or register individually to support HOPE Sheds Light in its mission to educate individuals, families and the community about the disease of addiction and to provide hope and resources for recovery. Once your registration is complete, you are ready to begin fundraising! Thank you for supporting our cause.

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Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Team D446 Ann Marie Baker VisitJoinDonate$190Ann Marie Baker Ann Marie Baker Debbie Kern Dave Martin Robert Sobka Ann Sobka Brianna Veltre
FIGHT FOR LIFE KATLYN ALLOCCO VisitJoinDonate$1,045Kim Abelson Heath Abelson Lucas Abelson KATLYN ALLOCCO KATLYN ALLOCCO Kris Allocco Mark Allocco Carol Bladek Kara Harris Andrew Lesnak Brenda Liberty Alex Lydon Lynne Nugent Pat Purcell Barbara Quigley Sharon Romano Hugo Simoes Kristen Solly Chris Stone Kathy & Jack Stone Kathy Stone Jack Stone Mitch Stone Ruth Stone Ian Stone Alison Stone
Stepping Up For Sabrina Diane Simmons VisitJoinDonate$2,245Cecelia Bauer HECTOR ESTEVES Brian Hickey Melissa Hickey Diane Simmons Diane Simmons Stacey Simmons Ted Wiezel' Julie Thal VisitIndividualDonate$10Julie Thal
You Are Worth It Lori Balwierczak VisitJoinDonate$235Lori Balwierczak Lori Balwierczak Jade Balwierczak Carleen Corso Laura Cronin Dayna Keough Diane Meleos
Team Nick Nice 2019 Frank Cuiffo VisitJoinDonate$1,630Ashley Aires Phyllis Aires Al Aires Rich Bases Naomi Bases Margaret Conrad Bill Conrad Jodie Crisci Frank Cuiffo Frank Cuiffo Kim Cuiffo Kristin Cuiffo Gina Cuiffo Roseanne Hebrew Richard Kelly John and Jodie Modafferi John Modafferi Anthony Nieves frank rossmann kim rossmann
Anthony's Angels Sandra Florentino VisitJoinDonate$110Patrick Alfano Louis Caprio Sandra Florentino Sandra Florentino Nevaeh Henninger Adriana Manochio Dawn Seidel Tintle
WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER Anna DeFeo VisitJoinDonate$20Anna DeFeo Anna DeFeo Jody Stewart
TD Bank kristjan prima VisitJoinDonate$445Jimmy Jarrell kristjan prima kristjan prima Tood Sparks
Team Michael Capardi Valerie Capardi VisitJoinDonate$465Marcelo Acevedo Demi Alvarez Valerie Capardi Valerie Capardi Gina Capardi Alexa Capardi Cassie Hecht Tara Iodice Amanda Iodice Cara Iodice
Forever in our hearts Bobber Deborah Appello VisitJoinDonate$30Deborah Appello Deborah Appello Robert Appello Linda Francese
OceanFirst Bank Jill Flynn VisitJoinDonate$205Kelly Exner Jill Flynn Jill Flynn Alexandra Gleason
Loving memory of Joseph Schumm &Brianna Albanese Kristina Schumm VisitJoinDonate$235Donna Cavicchio Patricia Lewandowski Jennifer Morrissey Melanie Pasquarelli Gene Peterson Kristina Schumm Kristina Schumm
Jillian's Love & Light Tracie Williams VisitJoinDonate$530Nicole Fisher Anaya Fitzpatrick Ronald Foster Kimyotta Hankins Anaya Fitzpatrick Hankins Stephen Hunter Vanessa Powell Lisa Quinlan Hunter Lindal Scott Foster Ronald M Foster Tracie Williams Tracie Williams
Team frankie Desiree Kyner VisitJoinDonate$105Lindsay Barth Desiree Kyner Desiree Kyner Constance Licata
One step at a time Sal Monteleone VisitJoinDonate$100John Carrozza Joe Delvachio Rob Giuliani Karyn Mack Karlee Mack Kaitlyn Mack Sal Monteleone Sal Monteleone Melissa Monteleone Dan Thompson Moose Thompson
Bob Dra Rebecca Drahos VisitJoinDonate$3,565Melissa Bien Ronnie Brown Aly Bushrui Phil Butwinski Rebecca Drahos Rebecca Drahos Sara Drahos Beth Drahos Amy Drahos Kevin Drahos Cory Drahos Eric Drahos Liz Drahos Bob Drahos Marty Drahos Kevin Drahos Tom Eichen Douglas Franzoso Lisa Gaghan Alexis Grosso Genelle Gundersen Patti Gundersen Ashley Guttridge Nicole Henry Kevin Jackson Alena Jarvis Nicole McNamara Jessica Nichols Kayla Procopio Taylor Schnorbus Judy Stanfield Eric Street Caitlin Ziegler
One Day at a Time Charissa Palazzo VisitJoinDonate$70Lorri godsil Charissa Palazzo Charissa Palazzo
Hand and Stone Brick/Spring Lake Gina Cottone VisitJoinDonate$30Maria Cermatori Gina Cottone Gina Cottone Gina Romano
You are not alone Maria Proft VisitJoinDonate$30Tony Del Prete Mary Joyce Kemp Maria Proft Maria Proft Maria Proft
Z-Mob Megan Mobus VisitJoinDonate$500Jessica Cairone Georgette Georgette Ellis Toni Granato Kristina Harrington Matthew McKeon Megan Mobus Megan Mobus Traci Mobus Kelly Singer Gavin Singer Tyler Singer Mason Singer Jessica Zimmerman
Https:// sheds light/walk Judy Pannucci VisitIndividualDonate$10Judy Pannucci
Grant Rebecka Suckow VisitJoinDonate$665Rebecka Suckow Rebecka Suckow Julie Suckow
Spirits Unlimited Ashley Antonell VisitJoinDonate$260Ashley Antonell Ashley Antonell Gina Sattazahn Daniel Smith Maegan Wetherby
Danielle's Darlings Lisa Cook VisitJoinDonate$365francis champury Lisa Cook Lisa Cook Gregory Cook Darlene Cook Daniel Cook Saylor Cook Richard Dodrill Sue Ann Pastures Olivia Pastures
In Memory of Kevin Boettinger Gregg BOETTINGER VisitJoinDonate$150Gregg BOETTINGER Gregg BOETTINGER BARBRA BOETTINGER Trinity Boettinger Dominic Boettinger Danny Boettinger Thomas BOETTINGER Joe Boettinger Eddie Drabik Kimberly Heim Liz Kimble Dan Kimble Christine Moran Juan Vega Darren Williamson
GiGi Paladino Gigi Paladino VisitIndividualDonate$150Gigi Paladino
Ryan Murphy's Black Irish Jaclyn Murphy VisitJoinDonate$45Brianne Cuff Jaclyn Murphy Jaclyn Murphy
Vision Financial Anne Kraljic VisitJoinDonate$200Claire Baughman Richard Baughman Alex Kraljc Anne Kraljic Anne Kraljic Frank Kraljic Lily Kraljic Kelley McGrath-Waters Noelle Newman Keith Newman Bob Waters
Glendenning Mortgage Cares Suzan Hale VisitJoinDonate$145Deborah Angellella Casey Greenfeld Scott Greenfeld Suzan Hale Suzan Hale John Hale Nicole Mount Irene Netzel
KW Team Marotta Cares Camille Marotta VisitJoinDonate$10Camille Marotta Camille Marotta
Tina’s Angels Tina Riley VisitJoinDonate$40Tina Riley Tina Riley Vinny Riley
KW Team Victory Michele Nesbihal VisitJoinDonate$330Cindy Aldrich Kim Borghoff Bobby Devlin Alyssa Giglio Ashley Goral Tyler Kelly Justin Leach Michael Mabie Kristen Mabie Chae Mabie Gavin Mabie Landon Mabie Jennifer Miller Michele Nesbihal Michele Nesbihal Marissa Pisciotti
TEAM TARA :) Heather Murphy VisitJoinDonate$540Melanie Bourey Jennie Conroy Lianne Dziezanowski Carrie Flanzbaum Julie Hanrahan Diane Hanrahan Leah Jost Chris Jost Sharon Lopez Laura McCarthy Jenn McCarthy Heather Murphy Heather Murphy Jennifer Patterson Kristin Strunk Susan Triano Dana Wolff Brian Wolff
Team Paxton Laurie Paxton VisitJoinDonate$70Laurie Paxton Laurie Paxton Keith Paxton
Tommy Walsh Kelly & Tom Walsh VisitJoinDonate$380Margaret Beecher Leverne Beecher Sonny Beecher Rebecca Beecher Marianne Nunn James Nunn Kelly & Tom Walsh Kelly & Tom Walsh Thomas Walsh Ian Walsh Judy Woodward
Our Angel Jamie Lee Gayle Radetich VisitJoinDonate$515JoAnne Adamski Lisa Bethel Susan Bowles Eugene Bowles Meg Dalton Erica Del Plato Eddie Kimball Shannon Kish Martin McDonagh Barbara McDonagh Sandra Palmer Gayle Radetich Gayle Radetich Gabriel Radetich Sandy Rea Sheryl Santelli Diane Varga
Ali Alison Kelley VisitIndividualDonate$10Alison Kelley Nicole Prima VisitIndividualDonate$20Nicole Prima
Rap Room Parent To Parent Nancy Moore VisitJoinDonate$90Kathleen Frazer Colleen Howard Nancy Moore Nancy Moore Debra Rumbos
Blue Thong Society- Jersey Shore Kathy McElwee VisitJoinDonate$110Lisa Carr Kathy McElwee Kathy McElwee Elaine McGuire Nannette McKendrick Jacqueline Pidich Victoria Pidich
Colorco Inc Diane Galgoci VisitJoinDonate$10Diane Galgoci Diane Galgoci
The Stress Center/Hyers Auto Body Glenn Candeletti VisitJoinDonate$1,060Glenn Candeletti Glenn Candeletti Debbie Candeletti Holly Hyers John Hyers Renee Vojtko George Woolley
All County Kristin Marzarella VisitJoinDonate$160Kristin Marzarella Kristin Marzarella
Nancy Nancy Skopas VisitIndividualDonate$35Nancy Skopas
The Earle Family Doug Earle VisitJoinDonate$30Doug Earle Doug Earle Kristin Earle Ann Earle
The Happy DeCampers Karen Penn VisitJoinDonate$60Sarah Carvalho Amber DeCamp Karen Penn Karen Penn James Penn Emily Penn Renee Penn
Adam's Angels Nikki Manzo VisitJoinDonate$500Nikki Manzo Nikki Manzo Nancy Rotondi Joseph Rotondi
Team FWH Georgette Kyriacou VisitJoinDonate$2,065SAVERIO ARENA Patricia Azurak Gary Bendian Jarred Fredericks Shaun Garofalo Amanda Graga Georgette Kyriacou Georgette Kyriacou Amanda Los Joanne McElwee Jennifer McElwee Jonathan Miller Megan Miller Jack Miller Stephen Miller Brian Murphy Michael Peck Sasha Prokup Chris Rosati Lisa Rosati Mike Rosati Chris Ste. Marie Danny Ste. Marie Dan Ste. Marie Ryan Ste. Marie Cody Ste. Marie Mark Ste. Marie Talia Ste. Marie
Downtown TR Alizar Zorojew VisitJoinDonate$60Laurie Huryk Keith Huryk Antoinette Huryk Alizar Zorojew Alizar Zorojew
Trident Enviro Georgette Kyriacou VisitJoinDonate$295Phillip Ball Lisa Ball Alyssa Della Fave Caitlin Kagel Georgette Kyriacou Georgette Kyriacou Corey Matthews Bill Schmitt Alex Suder
#team20 Danielle Poulos VisitJoinDonate$70Glenn Hick Jr Danielle Poulos Danielle Poulos Bonnie Strouse
Team Lacey Donna McAvoy VisitJoinDonate$90Vanessa Clark Tom Faulkner Donna McAvoy Donna McAvoy Bob McAvoy
Essex Health and Wellness Recovery Center Robin Lavorato VisitJoinDonate$20Robin Lavorato Robin Lavorato Alton Robinson John Connors VisitIndividualDonate$70John Connors
Discovery Institute for Addictive Disorders Dori Van Sant VisitJoinDonate$980sharon arnold Christine Budnik tracy ditirro Madison Fauci Robert Galvin Savannah Robertson Dori Van Sant Dori Van Sant Paul Wanagiel
Sole Squad Susan Fair VisitJoinDonate$30Susan Fair Susan Fair Paul Fair Crystal Mutilitis
Andrew’s Angels Nicholas Columbo VisitJoinDonate$100Nicholas Columbo Nicholas Columbo Hayley Columbo Dominic Columbo Charlotte Columbo Emma Columbo Daniela Columbo Frank Columbo Larysa Columbo Dayna Crowe Charles Nadonley
Palatial Homes Linda Bernaski VisitJoinDonate$450Linda Bernaski Linda Bernaski Gary Bernaski Kimberly Bodak Kaitlyn Campanile Kurt Campanile Ron DiCecco Gary Bernaski Jacqueline Mattiello Maria Mazzone Lou Perez Greg Wells
robin Robin Ridgway VisitIndividualDonate$20Robin Ridgway
Ferguson Cares Stan Graser VisitJoinDonate$665Jennifer Boyle Heather Forrest Jennifer Fredericks Bryan Fredricks Stan Graser Stan Graser Jennifer Klaus
Team Prima Corp. Arvo Prima VisitJoinDonate$355Kathy Duelly Tara Maddox Arvo Prima Arvo Prima Beverly Prima Kristjan Prima Beverly Prima Nicole Smith Aaron Smith
Susan's Spiritual Butterflies (In Loving Memory) Courtney Desch VisitJoinDonate$1,760Bridget Bates Courtney Desch Courtney Desch Christopher Desch Carol Desch Glenn Desch Jason Desch
Prevention Links Sonya Elefante VisitJoinDonate$40Sonya Elefante Sonya Elefante Emily Newton Sabrina Sabater Nicole Sumka
Team Integrity Gary Sheridan VisitJoinDonate$40Stacey Forte Arlyn Forte Jessica Kaufman Gary Sheridan Gary Sheridan Katie Gallagher VisitIndividualDonate$20Katie Gallagher
Team CMC Keri Britske VisitJoinDonate$10Keri Britske Keri Britske
hope sheds light/walk sherry carracino VisitIndividualDonate$20sherry carracino
OxLexiXdoodleOx Candace Moschella VisitJoinDonate$160Lisa Beck Ray Faleska Sandra Faleska Gregory Flemming Henry Flemming Ed McBride Candace Moschella Candace Moschella Steven Moschella
ocean county hopefuls Dawn Reo VisitIndividualDonate$10Dawn Reo
FIRST STEP Hilary Krosney-Rediker VisitJoinDonate$50Dannis Billups Rose Corina DeShonnda Johnson Hilary Krosney-Rediker Hilary Krosney-Rediker Tammy Tanski
Angels Among Us Lisa Dante VisitIndividualDonate$35Lisa Dante
angels among us(2) Lisa Dante VisitIndividualDonate$10Lisa Dante
T26 Gwen Conroy VisitJoinDonate$615giuseppe calello Christina Calello Gwen Conroy Gwen Conroy Jennie Conroy Todd Conroy Olivia Conroy Blake Conroy Troy Conroy Lillyana Conroy Leyla Rae Conroy Eilee Conroy Patricia Ferraiuolo Jerry Ferraiuolo Jane Gangemi Amy Keefe Amy Keefe Krista LaSpisa Kerri Teubert Shannon Walsh Thomas Walsh Kathleen Walsh Kristen Weingarten Jason Weingarten Linda Willmott George Willmott
Ocean County Employees Ginny Haines VisitJoinDonate$245Paula Abbato Mary Jane Bavais Anthony Daddino Judith DeStefano Judee DeStefano Judith DeStefano-Anen Dave Fitzgerald Donna Flynn Dawn Grosh Don Gross Ginny Haines Ginny Haines Ed McBride Mary Lou Mycoff Dawn Reo Aubrey Smet Nicole Vernachio Brian Vernachio Denise Willis
Hope Sheds of Light Francy Gil VisitIndividualDonate$10Francy Gil
Rafts Nicole Federici VisitJoinDonate$30TRISH bossone David Clauser Nicole Federici Nicole Federici
King's Crusade Sue Harrison VisitJoinDonate$10Sue Harrison Sue Harrison
Team Barbara Barbara Del Prete VisitJoinDonate$40Barbara Del Prete Barbara Del Prete Judy Johnson Bob Wagner Marianne Wagner
Hope Faith Love Renee Snyder VisitJoinDonate$65Renee Snyder Renee Snyder
Team Kate Lydia Campbell VisitJoinDonate$35Lydia Campbell Lydia Campbell Renee Nauyoks VisitIndividualDonate$20Renee Nauyoks
jac Joseph Cannova VisitJoinDonate$20Joseph Cannova Joseph Cannova carolyn cannova
debandon Don Velard VisitIndividualDonate$20Don Velard
Lissa Gardner Lissa Gardner VisitIndividualDonate$20Lissa Gardner
Team Generation X Amy Colby VisitIndividualDonate$140Amy Colby
Rock Solid Julie Harris VisitJoinDonate$510Kimberly Cuneo Kim Cuneo Lawrence Cuneo Lexi Cuneo Julie Harris Julie Harris Jennifer Jacobus Lee Jacobus Hannah Jacobus Maddie Jacobus Harrison Jacobus Jacki Pappas
Beachwood Crew Lorrie Cottrell VisitJoinDonate$220Dawn Caruso David Conover Lorrie Cottrell Lorrie Cottrell Patti Genander Maribeth Giuliano Dina Jones Mary Killian Buddy killian Jacqueline Penicaro Stephen Romeo Helen Romeo Anne Trevena
Pete's All Star Page Peter Curatolo VisitIndividualDonate$10Peter Curatolo Kim Seliga VisitIndividualDonate$10Kim Seliga
NJ Angels JoAnn Norcross VisitJoinDonate$20Steven Lind JoAnn Norcross JoAnn Norcross
In Loving Memory Of Mom Sarah Bartolf VisitJoinDonate$20Sarah Bartolf Sarah Bartolf
Oxford House Team Alicia Carson VisitJoinDonate$40Alicia Carson Alicia Carson Meghan Franco Laurie Goldenberg Mike Newcomb
Team EARLE Pat Purcell VisitJoinDonate$320Kyle Connor Sabrina Corliss Nat Faronea Steve Finkle Antonio Guest Maryann Hayes James Kwiatkowski Rick Lamanna Jr Diane Marotta Joe Maroukis Guest Maroukis Pat Mckeon Guest McKeon Jill Montagna John Montagna Karen Navarro Rachel Novy Bryant Perez Nelly Perez Trevor Pospisil Pat Purcell Pat Purcell Tiffany Rella Rudy Rella Bob Schue Cindi Schue Ralph Walker Sabrina XX Antonio XX Joseph Young
Team Ragusa DeCastro Jennifer DeCastro VisitJoinDonate$30Jennifer DeCastro Jennifer DeCastro Dara Mott Michael Ragusa
Jason and Ravens Ray of Hope Angela Gallo VisitJoinDonate$40Angela Gallo Angela Gallo Vinnie Gallo Ariel Gallo Alaina Gallo