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Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail 

Lifting up peace heroes - for the next generation to learn how everyday people can succeed in making the world less violent and more just. Supporting peacebuilding through  Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and our peacebuilding partners.

Support Team for David Hurwitz peace hero sign in the Peace Heroes Trail 2022



Anne Kessler

Peace is the word that comes to mind for Dave. Always gentle, loving, and socially conscious. “Inclusive” comes to mind as well. Non-judgemental. Live by example: proud to be your friend, Dave! Congratulations on being recognized for PEACE!


Priscilla Mutter


Eddy Hooper Jr


Richelle and Paige



Elizabeth Moumene

Peace and Literacy: two values that David Hurwitz exudes everyday! Thanks you, Peace Heroes Trail, for recognizing him!


Kelli Lewis



Tyler Hurwitz






Cat Mauser


Samuel Hurwitz

Well done pops! Love you!



When everyone is like our dear David Hurwitz; the world will have Peace


Margaret Young


Johnetta Kitzmiller



David is the epitome of a peace hero welcoming all people in to his life with honesty and integrity that we have all learned from.


Victoria Fox

Dave is a champion for the betterment of humanity in so many ways and has contributed his energy and spirit greatly to many causes that support that purpose over the years. In addition, he's a wonderful friend who has been the backbone of our family of friends. I'm glad he's been chosen for this honor. Thanks for all you do Dave!


Donna Hinkle


Jerry Jenkins

I have known Dave Hurwitz for many years. There is no better local nominee than Dave. Let's get the donations up to a level consistent with his longtime contributions.


Frank Allen

David Hurwitz is a Miami Valley Treasure


Robin Suits


Roberta Gallagher


Susie Sutton

Dave makes so many contributions to community building and peace.




Catherine Queener

David Hurwitz is Dayton's Johnny Appleseed of books. "Free books!"


David Hurwitz

Champion of peace, reproductive rights, civil rights, and literacy

Why I selected this peace hero:

For over 25 years Dave Hurwitz has given away over 10,000 books a year from his eccentric, decorated (think toys, bottle caps, googly eyes, bottle corks) 1992 Ford pickup truck.

Dave and his truck frequently appear in the Oregon District, and at various street fairs and festivals.

With his distinctive beard and bib overalls, he fosters love for reading and offers books to people, young and old, from all walks of life.

Dave, why the Free Books art truck?

"Why? Various reasons—

keeps the books from getting trashed, 

encourages literacy, 

provides a soapbox for my political views, and I’m a socialist. 

We are all connected--ecologically, physically, spiritually, and must do what we can to make the world a better place."

"I volunteered at the Planned Parenthood book sale and took unsold books to the VA, city jail and Wright State, putting out boxes marked 'free books.'

I fill my pickup truck and park it around the community in the Oregon District, the Yellow Springs Street Fair and at various other fairs and festivals.

Eventually I added objects to the truck, creating the art vehicle you see today."

Photos by Maury Wyckoff

Web links:


Oral history project by Wright State student



Amelia Robinson interview in Dayton Daily News

Thank you for supporting peacebuilding and the Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail! 

Team Members

Priscilla Mutter

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