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Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail 

Lifting up peace heroes - for the next generation to learn how everyday people can succeed in making the world less violent and more just. Supporting peacebuilding through  Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and our peacebuilding partners.

Support John Denver in the Peace Heroes Trail 2022



Eric & Colleen Fitts


Mary Ellen Beardmore


Jeremy Boulton

Memories from back in elementary school. I was introduced to a number of John Denver songs from a friend whose mom liked his music. There's probably an old cassette tape laying around somewhere.


Lynn Buffington

Donating in honor of my late mom who loved John Denver; unlike me, my mom had a beautiful voice and would play John Denver songs and sing along. We played Country Road and Rocky Mountain High at her memorial along with her Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald faves.


Cathy and Gary Adler


Marilyn Nagle

Like Jeff I too am a follower of John Denver for his music, his poetry and especially for all he did to promote peace around the world


Allison Loecke

Love you JD!!



John Denver is awesome. This is conditional on Jeff having a Denver geek song session with me.


William Ross

Thanks for championing John Denver, a Peace Hero who had such a positive impact on our world. Your presentation at our Sunday service was excellent!


Genevieve Harvey


Jim Patton

I too like his music and his positive actions toward peace, hunger and saving the planet.


linda newcomer


Catherine Queener

John Denver put a lot of positivity into this world through his music <3


Brent Devitt

One of my peace heroes too.


Singer, songwriter, actor, and activist who celebrated the wonder of nature and passionately advocated for a better world by helping to end world hunger, promoting environmentalism, and speaking out against war, nuclear power, and oil drilling in Alaska.

I selected John Denver, because John’s music and message have always resonated with me ever since I was a young child.  His images of nature, his melodic voice, and his catchy guitar licks first drew me.  As I grew older and began to care about our planet and social issues, I realized that John also really cared for our planet and our society, and he used his fame to push for saving the planet, ending world hunger, and stopping war.  To me, John’s music and legacy will always be integral within me, and I am happy to bring John Denver into the Peace Hero fold!

Thank you for supporting peace building and the Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail! 

The Peace Poem

by John Denver

There's a name for war and killing
There's a name for giving in
When you know another answer
For me the name is sin
But there's still time to turn around
And make all hatred cease
And give another name to living
And we could call it peace

And peace would be the road we walk
Each step along the way
And peace would be the way we work
And peace the way we play

And in all we see that's different
And in all the things we know
Peace would be the way we look
And peace the way we grow

There's a name for separation
There's a name for first and last
When it's all for us or nothing
For me the name is past
But there's still time to turn around
And make all hatred cease
And give a name to all the future
And we could call it peace

And if peace is what we pray for
And peace is what we give
Then peace will be the way we are
And peace the way we live

Yes there still is the time to turn around
And make all hatred cease
And give another name to living
And we can call it peace

Learn more about the Peace Heroes Trail


See slideshow presentation I did at church on Peace Hero John Denver

https://www.facebook.com/MVUUF/videos/685676119526055/  (Go to minute 37)

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Jeff and Gavin Bohrer

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