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Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail 

Lifting up peace heroes - for the next generation to learn how everyday people can succeed in making the world less violent and more just. Supporting peacebuilding through  Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and our peacebuilding partners.

Support Dr. Marsha Linehan in the Peace Heroes Trail 2022



Robert Gurry

Thank you to everyone here.


Barb Weber


Roberta Farinet


Lynn Buffington

Thank you for lifting up mental health. I'm donating in honor of my dad whose life was often good but often painful during many episodes of bipolar disease


William Ross

She helps suffering people find inner peace.... making for a more peaceful world.


Alice Diebel


Catherine Queener

True courage and brilliance.


Dr. Marsha Linehan

Mental health innovator, sufferer, therapist and servant

Trigger warning: self-harm and frequent suicidality are a part of Dr. Marsha Linehan's story

"I was in hell.   And I made a vow:  when I got out, I'm going to come back and get others out of here."


Marsha Linehan is a practicing therapist, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Washington, founder and director of several behavioral training and research clinics, and she is a survivor of Borderline Personality Disorder.  

She did go back and help treat others in the hospital where she was confined for over two years, and thousands of others around the world.

Why Marsha Linehan?

I selected Dr. Marsha Linehan because she walked through hell to learn how to help herself and then others with intelligent tough love.  

Linehan spent much of her early life confined to a psychiatric hospital including in seclusion—the psychiatric equivalent of solitary confinement.  

She burned, cut and made multiple suicide attempts.  

She went on to earn her Ph.D. in psychology and developed one of the world's most advanced forms of therapy first for herself and now has helped untold thousands around the world, who suffer from one of the most difficult and complex conditions that much of the psychology profession had written off as untreatable.


Web links


The Marsha Linehan Institute web page


New York Times Profile after she disclosed her lived experience



An example of Marsha Linehan in session showing tough love.


Dr. Linehan showing how to explain, motivate, and "sell" a person in the depths of suffering and hell, how to climb out.

Thank you for supporting peacebuilding and the Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail!

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Rob Gurry

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