It Start's with you! Welcome to the 2109 Warrior Challenge.

The Warrior Challenge is SO much more than a rigorous and fun beach team obstacle race. It’s an opportunity to give back to individuals that sacrificed for each of you and your country through their service. Through your participation and fundraising, you can help service members and families seize the moment and live life.

When: Saturday, September 07, 2019

Time: Check-in begins at 8 am

Where: The Warrior Beach, Avon by the Sea, NJ

Cost: $65 per person

Start or join a team below to become part of the Task Force Dagger Foundation (501 (c) (3) non-profit) fundraising event. Forming a team is the first step. The next step is up to you. The more fundraising your team does, the more you are helping those that put everything on the line to help our country. While this might be enough of an incentive, your efforts will also get you some pretty nice swag! Thank you for supporting our cause.

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Proceeds go to Task Force Dagger to help support the families of Fallen U.S. Army Special Forces.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Default Team VisitJoinDonate$0
DWYSYWD Patrick Fox VisitJoinDonate$260Shadi Dawood Patrick Fox Patrick Fox Kyle Newell Mike Sites
SVS Team Anthony Valente VisitJoinDonate$6,302James Dolan Jason Hoffman Paul LeMire Anthony Valente Anthony Valente Barry Wile
The Ultimate Warri-Hers Taryn McLean VisitJoinDonate$580Katherine Batch Elizabeth Kish Taryn McLean Taryn McLean Denise Stimpson
FIREBIRD Jerome Fazzari VisitJoinDonate$130Jerome Fazzari Jerome Fazzari Tina Michel
The Hit Squad 50+ Domenick Cilea VisitJoinDonate$335Domenick Cilea Domenick Cilea Tim O'Handley Carl Sammarco robert voysey
Sweaty Coconuts Valerie Cerchia VisitJoinDonate$260Abigail Buckley Valerie Cerchia Valerie Cerchia Andrea Longo Susan Ratyniak
Hit squad Emilio Lacerra VisitJoinDonate$325Debra Annunziata Gabrielle Eichel Emilio Lacerra Emilio Lacerra Ron Maiurro
Iron PRIDE Amanda Green-Rabbitt VisitJoinDonate$260Amanda Green-Rabbitt Amanda Green-Rabbitt Maureen Green-Rabbitt Jeffrey Lebron Randy Narvaez-Ruiz
Broken Toes Gym Keith Walkiewicz VisitJoinDonate$260Mike Mehaffey Francis Van Cleve Keith Walkiewicz Keith Walkiewicz Ryan Walkiewicz
The Hit Mob Eva Rullo VisitJoinDonate$260Victoria Ahlers Deidre Bielicka Sherry Cilea Eva Rullo Eva Rullo
The Pacemakers John Kennedy VisitJoinDonate$885Dave Jacobson John Kennedy John Kennedy Joan Leather Vivian Taormina
Hot Mess Express Melanie Matthews VisitJoinDonate$260Allison Fishee Melanie Matthews Melanie Matthews Susan McKibbin Susan McKibbin Laurie Moore
3 DILFs and Kyle Lloyd Ankrom VisitJoinDonate$195Lloyd Ankrom Lloyd Ankrom Andrew Buher Kyle Burns
Double Stuffed Phylicia Holmes VisitJoinDonate$130Phylicia Holmes Phylicia Holmes Ania Wolecka-Jernigan
SVS Rodriguez reinaldo rodriguez VisitJoinDonate$290Michael Ratty Joey Ratty Asa Rickert reinaldo rodriguez reinaldo rodriguez
ISYMFS Shane Newell VisitJoinDonate$130Shane Newell Shane Newell Karl Nicosia
Above Average Joe’s Kyle Scoras VisitJoinDonate$260Arbi Anonuevo Mike Indrikovic Daniel Martucci Kyle Scoras Kyle Scoras
Barefoot Beaches Sandy Diaz VisitJoinDonate$285Sandy Diaz Sandy Diaz Lynn Perruso Gabriella Perruso Nicole Radis
Punish Fatigue Matt Jennings VisitJoinDonate$460Mike Burns Mike Fusco Matt Jennings Matt Jennings Chelsea VanGlahn Jennifer Vinges
NEVERGAST Matt Jennings VisitJoinDonate$360Stephen Barlow Jeff Bower Matt Jennings Matt Jennings Matthew Marino Brenden Neary
FEMME BRUTALE Matt Jennings VisitJoinDonate$260Alyssa Cartaino Paige Grainer Matt Jennings Matt Jennings Kelly Natkie Allison Rosales
Meat Head In the Making Gori Carfora VisitJoinDonate$180Rob Anders Gori Carfora Gori Carfora
Enter SandMan John Macchio VisitJoinDonate$195Kyle Chapman Justin Esposito John Macchio John Macchio
Flex Appeal Devin Butchko VisitJoinDonate$195Devin Butchko Devin Butchko Jennifer Camporeale Katherine Sharp
Hit n’ Run Nick Turkovic VisitJoinDonate$1,410Anthony Cauterucci Joe Firetto Nick Turkovic Nick Turkovic Evan Turkovic
2 Squared Jami Thoms VisitJoinDonate$115Jami Thoms Jami Thoms
Pegs Guys Frank Cumiskey VisitJoinDonate$65Frank Cumiskey Frank Cumiskey
Hilltop Homies Lisa Sabatino VisitJoinDonate$130ERNIE COSTA Lisa Sabatino Lisa Sabatino
Woody's Round-up Jose Iglesias VisitJoinDonate$785Jesse Dusenbery John Golden Jose Iglesias Jose Iglesias John Kelly
Beach Creatures Donald Cresitello VisitJoinDonate$195Donald Cresitello Donald Cresitello Dennis Ehrhardt Christopher Santos
Team Sandstorm Michael Mulroy VisitJoinDonate$245Rob Johnson Michael Mulroy Michael Mulroy Justin Mulroy
Stallions of Sand michael magsalin VisitJoinDonate$260Tyler Dwyer michael magsalin michael magsalin Joel Maietta Lance MCGREGOR
SVS Shock n Awe Dan Gamble VisitJoinDonate$140Dan Gamble Dan Gamble Andrew Valente
Buns on the Run Sarah Stevenson VisitJoinDonate$260Megan Crudele Christine DeGennaro Sarah Stevenson Sarah Stevenson Eliza Willms
Nitro A$$ Christin Cupo VisitJoinDonate$195Christin Cupo Christin Cupo Maureen Gordon Aimee ODonnell
CrossFit Freehold Masters Mario Linale VisitJoinDonate$260Pat Gagliano Mario Linale Mario Linale Daniel Pasquinucci Mark Smith
speakeasy erin brinew VisitJoinDonate$130erin brinew erin brinew jon burns
Vitamin D Garrett Falco VisitJoinDonate$130Garrett Falco Garrett Falco Vincent Reinecke
Straight Outta Avon Ashley Lewis VisitJoinDonate$195Kristen DiTOmmaso Ashley Lewis Ashley Lewis Laura Stetz
TrainingRoom200Plus John Stypa VisitJoinDonate$65John Stypa John Stypa


What is Warrior Events about? We are about challenging ourselves and others to live well, train hard and offer a helping hand along the way.

Training Room Phone: 732-988-1555
Address: 406 Main Street,
Avon, NJ 07717


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