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The Warrior Challenge is SO much more than a rigorous and fun beach team obstacle race. It’s an opportunity to give back to individuals that sacrificed for each of you and your country through their service. Through your participation and fundraising, you can help service members and families seize the moment and live life.

When: Saturday, September 17, 2022

Time: Check-in begins at 8 am

Event Details:

Where: The Warrior Beach, Avon by the Sea, NJ

Cost: $65 per person

Register individually, or start or join a team below to become part of the Task Force Dagger Foundation (501 (c) (3) non-profit) fundraising event. Registering is the first step. The next step is up to you. The more fundraising you or your team does, the more you are helping those that put everything on the line to help our country. While this might be enough of an incentive, your efforts will also get you some pretty nice swag! Thank you for supporting our cause.

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Proceeds go to Task Force Dagger to help support the families of Fallen U.S. Army Special Forces.

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
Debra Beckman Debra Beckman VisitIndividualDonate$65Debra Beckman
SVS Rodriguez Reinaldo Rodriguez VisitJoinDonate$2,010Michael Ratty Asa Rickert Reinaldo Rodriguez Reinaldo Rodriguez Dominic Rufo
The SVS Team Anthony Valente VisitJoinDonate$13,614Mike Jones Darsit Shah Anthony Valente Anthony Valente
Fit Forever Jim Bourke VisitJoinDonate$130Jim Bourke Jim Bourke Doran Tajfel
Enter Sandman John Macchio VisitIndividualDonate$0John Macchio
KR_wc Kelly Ryan VisitIndividualDonate$65Kelly Ryan
Iron Strong Jeffrey Lebron VisitJoinDonate$410MAUREEN GREEN-RABBITT AMANDA GREEN-RABBITT Jeffrey Lebron Jeffrey Lebron Randy Narvaez Samuel Perez Sindy Perez
YOU MATTER Laurie Moore VisitJoinDonate$195Susan Mckibbin Laurie Moore Laurie Moore Laurie Moore
Ernesto Roldan Ernesto Roldan VisitIndividualDonate$50Ernesto Roldan
Walkiewicz Brothers Keith Walkiewicz VisitJoinDonate$130Keith Walkiewicz Keith Walkiewicz Ryan Walkiewicz
Shep brothers Sean Shepherd VisitJoinDonate$350Sean Shepherd Sean Shepherd Matt Shepherd
RyanM Ryan Marlborough VisitIndividualDonate$65Ryan Marlborough
The SVS Team / Max Challenge Jason Hoffman VisitJoinDonate$330Dan Gamble Jason Hoffman Jason Hoffman
Nevergast Brenden Neary VisitJoinDonate$130 Jeff Brenden Neary Brenden Neary
Freehold Cross Fit Masters Men Daniel Pasquinucci VisitJoinDonate$130Adam Brusotti Daniel Pasquinucci Daniel Pasquinucci
Mass and ass Lyndsay DeLuca VisitJoinDonate$0Amelia Buckley Lyndsay DeLuca Lyndsay DeLuca Michael Halsey Matthew Mielke
Mike Zeto Mike Zeto VisitIndividualDonate$165Mike Zeto
Boat Crew 2 Donn Felker VisitJoinDonate$315Donn Felker Donn Felker Mike Sopko
Emergency Contact Needed Laura Kielczewski VisitJoinDonate$280Jerry Donoghue Laura Kielczewski Laura Kielczewski
Cathy x2 Catherine Bair VisitJoinDonate$430Catherine Bair Catherine Bair Cathy Wehrlen
Punish Fatigue Alyssa Cartaino VisitJoinDonate$280Alyssa Cartaino Alyssa Cartaino Dan Toth
Anthony Anthony Semilia VisitIndividualDonate$65Anthony Semilia
150X2 BAJIO    john KELLY VisitJoinDonate$730john KELLY john KELLY Gregg Miller
Petra Rose Petra Rose VisitIndividualDonate$65Petra Rose
J and J Jami Thoms VisitJoinDonate$130Jennifer Owens Jami Thoms Jami Thoms
Rob Johnson Rob Johnson VisitIndividualDonate$65Rob Johnson
TomCaruso Tom Caruso VisitIndividualDonate$65Tom Caruso
Two much trouble Elizabeth Goss VisitJoinDonate$130Elizabeth Goss Elizabeth Goss Julia Lynch
Newell Strength Tribe Sandy Diaz VisitJoinDonate$390Tess Barrett Michael Becker Sandy Diaz Sandy Diaz Manny Diaz Ray Jazikoff Ray Jazikoff Ray Jazikoff Taryn McLean
Fight Milk Hunter Bogosian VisitJoinDonate$130Hunter Bogosian Hunter Bogosian Zach Miller
Frank & Christy Frank Cumiskey VisitJoinDonate$130Frank Cumiskey Frank Cumiskey CHRISTY HOLLY
Marc Marc Altenau VisitIndividualDonate$65Marc Altenau
Jesse Dusenbery Jesse Dusenbery VisitJoinDonate$130Jesse Dusenbery Jesse Dusenbery Jose Iglesis
On Point Athletes Christopher Antelmi VisitJoinDonate$130Christopher Antelmi Christopher Antelmi Mark Smith
JFK John Kennedy VisitIndividualDonate$65John Kennedy
Ryan Lasch Ryan Lasch VisitIndividualDonate$65Ryan Lasch
Team Sandstorm Michael Mulroy VisitJoinDonate$180Michael Mulroy Michael Mulroy Justin Mulroy
Frenchie’s Drink Beer Joe Martins VisitJoinDonate$130Dan Burkart Joe Martins Joe Martins
John Stypa John Stypa VisitIndividualDonate$65John Stypa
Gwen Morris Gwendolyn Morris VisitIndividualDonate$65Gwendolyn Morris
Mike Jones 1 Mike Jones VisitIndividualDonate$65Mike Jones
Claire & Ainsley Claire Bormida VisitJoinDonate$230Claire Bormida Claire Bormida Ainsley O'Malley
Team Workin & Doin Bryan Newhook VisitJoinDonate$380Jack Moyse Bryan Newhook Bryan Newhook
Sleeves are BS Nicole Metzel VisitJoinDonate$130Dana Leary Nicole Metzel Nicole Metzel
Denise and Susan Susan Ruszala VisitJoinDonate$230Denise Paterno Susan Ruszala Susan Ruszala
Daniel Martucci Daniel Martucci VisitIndividualDonate$65Daniel Martucci
Bg Brian Gates VisitIndividualDonate$65Brian Gates
Erinsb erin brinew VisitIndividualDonate$65erin brinew
Dennis Ehrhardt Dennis Ehrhardt VisitIndividualDonate$65Dennis Ehrhardt
Mike Indrikovic Mike Indrikovic VisitIndividualDonate$65Mike Indrikovic
Alex Alex Salamone VisitIndividualDonate$65Alex Salamone
Kyle Kyle Scoras VisitIndividualDonate$65Kyle Scoras
NS Boro Boys Al Fisher VisitJoinDonate$130Al Fisher Al Fisher Larry Yaskowski
Jackie Jackie DiStefano VisitIndividualDonate$65Jackie DiStefano
Rook Grip Brian Wiltbank VisitJoinDonate$130Raymond Morton Brian Wiltbank Brian Wiltbank
Carroll Stantiago Team John Carroll VisitJoinDonate$130John Carroll John Carroll Ramon Santiago
Karen Virgilio Karen Virgilio VisitIndividualDonate$65Karen Virgilio
Itri / Menfara Joe Itri VisitJoinDonate$130Joe Itri Joe Itri John Menafra
Green machine Jeff Green VisitJoinDonate$380Jeff Green Jeff Green maritza morales
Sandy Bottom Boys Andrew Wallace VisitIndividualDonate$290Andrew Wallace
JohnR.Elfers John Elfers VisitIndividualDonate$65John Elfers
Lyndsay DeLuca Lyndsay DeLuca VisitJoinDonate$260Amelia Buckley Lyndsay DeLuca Lyndsay DeLuca Michael Halsey Matthew Mielke
John Macchio John Macchio VisitIndividualDonate$65John Macchio