It Starts With You!
Thank you for your participation in the Warrior Challenge.  The below registration is set up to accept your team registration fee and additional donations from friends, family or businesses. We strongly urge you to solicit additional donations to support this very worthy cause for the Task Force Dagger Foundation.

Our Goal: $50,000
Total Raised: $ 40,590

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
General Donation Event Editor VisitJoinDonate$450Event Editor
Meaty Phoenix Sherri Denora VisitJoinDonate$0Sherri Denora Sherri Denora
Tree Unit Daniel White VisitJoinDonate$0Daniel White Daniel White
Deadlifts and Dividends Daniel Colluccio VisitJoinDonate$300Brandon Buhay Daniel Colluccio Daniel Colluccio Mark Guarino Niko Guarino
The SVS Team Anthony Valente VisitJoinDonate$15,990Bob Confessore James Dolan Ed Pascocello Anthony Valente Anthony Valente
Golden Phoenix Baconators Ashley Zultanky VisitJoinDonate$145Mike Lieblich Lori Travers Christian Vallejo Ashley Zultanky Ashley Zultanky
SCJ Warriors Gregory Quintero VisitJoinDonate$225Steve Bouziotis Gregory Quintero Gregory Quintero Rodney Santacross Dan Soffer
Clan Mac Corey MacGregor VisitJoinDonate$0Stefanie Birch Michael DeFalco Corey MacGregor Corey MacGregor
JMAC's Jerrell Davis VisitJoinDonate$125Jerrell Davis Jerrell Davis Dori Molloy Justin Palaka Anne Rios
La Rrrrrrrrios' Anne Rios VisitJoinDonate$0Anne Rios
Team Sandstorm Michael Mulroy VisitJoinDonate$725Shawn Chadwick James Doyle Robert Johnson Michael Mulroy Michael Mulroy
Tiny Hineys Melanie Newhook VisitJoinDonate$350Lesley Bellanca Alison Morrissey Melanie Newhook Melanie Newhook Shawn Wray
2 Squared Jami Thoms VisitJoinDonate$435Jackie DiStefano Tara Gangi Mary Koenig Jami Thoms Jami Thoms
Lt. Dan John Carroll VisitJoinDonate$650John Carroll John Carroll Brad Frank Dan Sansone Bert Zoino
AARP Joan Leather VisitJoinDonate$800Matt DeMaio David Jacobson Joan Leather Joan Leather Vivian Taormina
Frutta bowls Pat Gagliano VisitJoinDonate$0 To be Pat Gagliano Pat Gagliano Mark Smath
Joe Mama Joe White VisitJoinDonate$1,400Bill Glover Keith Knoop Joe White Joe White Marshall Wright
Hot Mess Express Melanie Matthews VisitJoinDonate$100Allison Fisher Melanie Matthews Melanie Matthews Laurie Moore Erin Weber
Lady Beast's and The Dude's Angelo Margino VisitJoinDonate$0Angelo Margino Angelo Margino Jamie Paulino Peter Politi Kailey Wheaton
Team Rodriguez Ray Rodriguez VisitJoinDonate$1,530Ronnie Guidone Michael Ratty Ray Rodriguez Ray Rodriguez Andrew Valente
Rizzo's Return Petra Rose-Smith VisitJoinDonate$0Christina Gonzalez Ashley Lewis Nicole Rizzo Petra Rose-Smith Petra Rose-Smith
Enter SandMan John Macchio VisitJoinDonate$350Justin Esposito Isaac Franco John Macchio John Macchio Daniel Osborn
Team Heat Carolyn Beam VisitJoinDonate$0Carolyn Beam Carolyn Beam Sam Suyama Lizbeth Turtle
Burpees For Breakfast John Stypa VisitJoinDonate$0John Kennedy Antonio Lopez Justin Neden John Stypa John Stypa
Team Wilson Louis Berardi VisitJoinDonate$0Louis Berardi Louis Berardi Rick Cuttrell Billy Cuttrell Jake Schüler
Buns on the Run Nicole Lucatorto VisitJoinDonate$1,990Dan Gamble Anna Jasicki Nicole Lucatorto Nicole Lucatorto Chris Shaw
Wodfathers Mike Nilsen VisitJoinDonate$0thomas nastro Mike Nilsen Mike Nilsen Lou Rettino Michael Ziman
Beach Creatures Donald Cresitello VisitJoinDonate$1,210Donald Cresitello Donald Cresitello Dennis Ehrhardt Joe Enright Micheal Hanlon
Can We Drink Yet Bryan Newhook VisitJoinDonate$250Frank Cumiskey Steven Hegna Christy Holly Bryan Newhook Bryan Newhook
220+challange john golden VisitJoinDonate$950Larry Chernin john golden john golden Gregg Miller John Kelly Gregg Miller Ringer
Post Nasal Drips Janet Prentice VisitJoinDonate$25Kellee Flynn karen gruendling Mary Mitskavich Janet Prentice Janet Prentice
Pine Beach Clean Team! Amanda Timoney VisitJoinDonate$250Marc Altenau Nikos Nicholas Denise Rockwell/Paterno Amanda Timoney Amanda Timoney
Team CrossFit Five Points Mackenzie Fitzgerald VisitJoinDonate$0Karen Buckalew Matthew Cortale Mackenzie Fitzgerald Mackenzie Fitzgerald Scott Spencer
PUNISH FATIGUE Matt Jennings VisitJoinDonate$200Mike Burns Mike Fusco Christine Giannios Matt Jennings Matt Jennings Chelsea VanGlahn
WTF ( Where's the FINISH??) Deb Forrester VisitJoinDonate$250Deb Forrester Deb Forrester Kim Levins Kelly Mulroy Alicia Seemuller
spare parts justin smith VisitJoinDonate$0Mark DiStefano TJ Langella MIchael Pillari justin smith justin smith
Frutta Brooke Gagliano VisitJoinDonate$0Emily Cilla Brooke Gagliano Brooke Gagliano Kimberly Karpinski Lynne Linale
Coast Guard George Chalnick VisitJoinDonate$0George Chalnick George Chalnick Bryan Freeman Jorge Gonzalez Paul Williams
3 Men and a Babe Christina Frame VisitJoinDonate$888Todd Aferiate Jim Bob Christina Frame Christina Frame Larry Hipschman
Bernardos Training Matt bernardo VisitJoinDonate$65Matt bernardo Matt bernardo Adam Forrest Eugene Rogliano Chris Swensen
No Fear for Beer Carlie Hanlon VisitJoinDonate$0Carlie Hanlon Carlie Hanlon Amy Melchiorri Kelly Ryan
GP Jerome Fazzari VisitJoinDonate$0Sophia Eilbacher Jerome Fazzari Jerome Fazzari Terence Gallagher Tina Michel
Frutta Bowl #7 Ryan Clark VisitJoinDonate$0Ryan Clark Ryan Clark Erik Raabe Christen Scotto Nathalie Zammit
The Pecan Sandies James Jadacki VisitJoinDonate$0Hayley Grascia James Jadacki James Jadacki Tori Siano David Vaz
Mass and Ass Lyndsay DeLuca VisitJoinDonate$0Amelia Buckley Lyndsay DeLuca Lyndsay DeLuca Mike Halsey Matt Mielke


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