REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you for your participation in the Warrior Challenge. Good Luck everyone! See below to make a general or team donation.

Our Goal: $50,000
Total Raised: $ 48,783

Team or Individual Name Team Captain Webpage Join Donate Total raised Members
General Donation Event Editor VisitJoinDonate$750Event Editor
Tunnel Snakes Johne Ringo VisitJoinDonate$260Jeffrey Algor Luke Grays Johne Ringo Johne Ringo Dylan Stair
Keep Going Greg Restivo VisitJoinDonate$260Ken Hamill Tim O’Neil John Pederson Greg Restivo Greg Restivo
Whiskey Warriors Kristin Lynch VisitJoinDonate$560Sally Kado Steve Kado Kristin Lynch Kristin Lynch Peter Lynch
SCJ Warriors Gregory Quintero VisitJoinDonate$360Steven Bouziotis Napoleon Freeman Gregory Quintero Gregory Quintero Daniel Soffer
Seven Balls Sean Talty VisitJoinDonate$360Kevin Coyle Eric Greener Miguel Holguin Sean Talty Sean Talty
LolliWOD Guild Marie Hall VisitJoinDonate$260Marie Hall Marie Hall Samantha Malizia Kim Murphy Diana Priggre
Who's Idea Was This Gary Wnorowski VisitJoinDonate$660Sean Houston Dave Monachino Rob Oliver Gary Wnorowski Gary Wnorowski
Ben's Angels Benjamin Billingsley VisitJoinDonate$260Benjamin Billingsley Benjamin Billingsley Amanda Lehmkuhl Nicole Monfasani Kelly Thow
The Lunachicks Carolyn Beam VisitJoinDonate$260Carolyn Beam Carolyn Beam Amanda Luccarelli Suzanne Michaud Kelly RYAN
Max Challenge of the Jersey Shore Steve Capoano VisitJoinDonate$360Steve Capoano Steve Capoano Nicole Capoano Cassie Duggan Michael Irrizarry
Coast Guard Station Manasquan Inlet George Chalnick VisitJoinDonate$500George Chalnick George Chalnick Ryan Cunard Bryan Freeman Paul Williams
B D P H Rodney Logan VisitJoinDonate$65Rodney Logan Rodney Logan
FIREBIRD Jerome Fazzari VisitJoinDonate$265Sophie E. Jerome Fazzari Jerome Fazzari Tina Michel
SCJ WARRIORS 2 Wilmerson Gonzalez VisitJoinDonate$540Wilmerson Gonzalez Wilmerson Gonzalez Roberto Ortega Cristian Perez Edward Zuza
Hot Mess Express Susan McKibbin VisitJoinDonate$385Allison Fisher Melanie Matthews Susan McKibbin Susan McKibbin Laurie Moore
Bernardo’s Training Chris Swensen VisitJoinDonate$260matt bernardo Eugene Rogliano Chris Swensen Chris Swensen Denzel Tovar
The SVS Team Anthony Valente VisitJoinDonate$16,296 Paul Ruddy Jim Dolan Paul Paul Lemire Anthony Valente Anthony Valente
Team Struggle Bus Lisa Sabatino VisitJoinDonate$310Sarah Frank Dana Lugo Rachael Rainey Lisa Sabatino Lisa Sabatino
Morgan Stanley Red Bank SVS Chris Shaw VisitJoinDonate$1,110dan gamble Chris Shaw Chris Shaw matt shaw Dek Wright
Captain SVS Christie eckerle VisitJoinDonate$1,204Paul campanella Christie eckerle Christie eckerle nicole lucatorto Dek Wright
Brad's Bruisers SVS Brad Frank VisitJoinDonate$269Mike Demaio Dan Dowe Brad Frank Brad Frank Dan Kenny
Team SVS Rodriguez reinaldo rodriguez VisitJoinDonate$2,060andrew andrew Valente pedro perez jr michael ratty reinaldo rodriguez reinaldo rodriguez
Speakeasy like Sunday morning erin brinew VisitJoinDonate$300Rob Blake erin brinew erin brinew Jon Burns Ivy Wimberley
American Made Brian Wiltbank VisitJoinDonate$260Michael Arnone Jacqueline Cherko Renata Wettermark Brian Wiltbank Brian Wiltbank
The Kettle Belles Tiana Sollecito VisitJoinDonate$410Tiana Sollecito Tiana Sollecito Sarah Stevenson Emily Von Alexander Morgan Woods
Mass and Ass Lyndsay DeLuca VisitJoinDonate$260Amelia Buckley Lyndsay DeLuca Lyndsay DeLuca Mike Halsey Matt Mielke
2 Squared Jami Thoms VisitJoinDonate$560Jackie DiStefano Tara Gangi mary koenig Jami Thoms Jami Thoms
Punish Fatigue Chelsea VanGlahn VisitJoinDonate$260Mike Burns Mike Fusco Chelsea VanGlahn Chelsea VanGlahn Jennifer Vinges
Vicious and Delicious Danielle Dambrosio VisitJoinDonate$260Danielle Dambrosio Danielle Dambrosio Mark Daugherty Gerry Lane Katherine Sharp
Femmes Brutale Allison Rosales VisitJoinDonate$260Alyssa Cartaino Paige Loveland Allison Rosales Allison Rosales Jen Spack
Team Nevergast Brenden Neary VisitJoinDonate$460Stephen Barlow Jeff Bower Matt Marino Brenden Neary Brenden Neary
Straight Outta Avon Laura Stetz VisitJoinDonate$755Kristen DITOMMASO Lisa Juryn Ashley Lewis Laura Stetz Laura Stetz
CFSE Just Here to Beat Rob Emmy Simpkins VisitJoinDonate$260Dan Freire gregory quarantello Emmy Simpkins Emmy Simpkins Ari Sinkovich
3 Masters And A Baby danielle fraser VisitJoinDonate$260danielle fraser danielle fraser Joe fraser SCOTT PENICK Rachel Penick
Fifty Shades of fifty Nora Mamadjanova VisitJoinDonate$260Sabitha Bansinath Carla K. Scaturro Nora Mamadjanova Nora Mamadjanova Lisa Plecanis Walsh
Team Sandstorm Michael Mulroy VisitJoinDonate$1,353Rob Johnson Michael Mulroy Michael Mulroy Justin Mulroy Pat Quigley
260+ just survive! john golden VisitJoinDonate$2,485john golden john golden Jose Iglesias John Kelly Gregg Miller
Benchwarmers Alex Sinkovich VisitJoinDonate$260Phillip Ragan Michael Sabatino Alex Sinkovich Alex Sinkovich Tom Watson
AARP Joan Leather VisitJoinDonate$640John Kennedy Joan Leather Joan Leather John Stypa Vivian Taormina
Rising Phoenix Petra Rose VisitJoinDonate$260Emelie Farrington Carlie Hanlon Nicole Rizzo Petra Rose Petra Rose
Wodfathers Michael Nilsen VisitJoinDonate$260Marc DeVito Michael Nilsen Michael Nilsen Lou Rettino Michael Ziman
Dashing Divas Jackie Philhower VisitJoinDonate$260Lauren Arnone Ariana DeBlasio Gabby Navarrete Jackie Philhower Jackie Philhower
Cross Fit Freehold Masters Men Daniel Pasquinucci VisitJoinDonate$260Mario Linale Daniel Pasquinucci Daniel Pasquinucci Marko Smith GEORGE WARMKESSEL
Landsharks Michael Hanlon VisitJoinDonate$380Dennis Ehrhardt Joe Enright Michael Hanlon Michael Hanlon Colin Peter
Threat Level Midnight Erik Raabe VisitJoinDonate$260Kristen Boguszewski Hayley Grascia James Jadacki Erik Raabe Erik Raabe
3 DAD'S & PAT Jesse Decker VisitJoinDonate$655Mike Corley Jesse Decker Jesse Decker Matt Johnson Pat Noone
B-Town Beatdown Tyler Dwyer VisitJoinDonate$260Tyler Dwyer Tyler Dwyer Caeser Lins michael magsalin matthew phillips
Peg's Guys Frank Cumiskey VisitJoinDonate$711Frank Cumiskey Frank Cumiskey steven HEGNA Christy Holly Bryan Newhook
Team LET'S GO!! Bobby Koar VisitJoinDonate$310MJ Carroll Jesse Dusenbery Bobby Koar Bobby Koar Justin Neden
Tans As Frick Ernie Costa VisitJoinDonate$260Ernie Costa Ernie Costa Luis Gonzalez Ty Nagel Matt Ryan
SVS PM TEAM Keith Knoop VisitJoinDonate$2,900Bill Glover Keith Knoop Keith Knoop Andrew Valente Joe White
T-Fit Prosecco Princesses Loretta Hoffman VisitJoinDonate$985Carol Collins Loretta Hoffman Loretta Hoffman Lana Reitman-LaFage Micaela Vie Brock
Enter SandMan John Macchio VisitJoinDonate$270Justin Esposito Isaac Franco John Macchio John Macchio Daniel Osborn
Broken Toes Gym Keith Walkiewicz VisitJoinDonate$260Michael Mehaffey Francis Van Cleve Keith Walkiewicz Keith Walkiewicz Ryan Walkiewicz
Beach Creatures Donald Cresitello VisitJoinDonate$1,000Donald Cresitello Donald Cresitello justin smith
Iron's Finest Sam Perez VisitJoinDonate$260Joseph Casillas Christina Khalil Sam Perez Sam Perez Sindy Perez
The Hit Squad 50+ robert voysey VisitJoinDonate$285Domenick Cilea Tim O’Handley Carl Sammarco robert voysey robert voysey
RRRRios's! Annie Rios VisitJoinDonate$180Annie Rios Annie Rios Omar Rios
Squats Not Shots Lindsay Fischer VisitJoinDonate$285Anthony Camme Lindsay Fischer Lindsay Fischer Jade O'Connor Liz Sabatini
Lollygaggers Ryan Elsbree VisitJoinDonate$260Abby Buckley Thomas Buckley Ryan Elsbree Ryan Elsbree Jessica Elsbree
The SVS Team Zoino Bert Zoino VisitJoinDonate$1,020Samantha Greco Joseph Itri jamie schron Bert Zoino Bert Zoino
Fightin 158 Justin Lubas VisitJoinDonate$285Adam Kowalski Justin Lubas Justin Lubas Jonathan Mancini Vinnie Veritas
Justin Lubas Justin Lubas VisitJoinDonate$0Justin Lubas Justin Lubas


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