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Tuck Batch

Go for it, I'll be there cheering you on!

Helen Batch

Go Team Ultimate Warri-Hers! You got this!

Jay Scotto

Leigh-Ann & Patrick Barrett

Kick some butt ladies! Can’t wait to come and cheer you on!

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Willie supports Cooper's Mom!

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Nicole DiTota

Charlotte McCue

Good luck Beth! You are a warrior!

Ann Visinski

Proud of you ❤️

Future Mr. and Mrs. Sigler

Pat Thompson

Mary Beth Chesek

Ashley White

Good luck!

Laura Thompson

Dennis Festerling

Roseann Brown

You go girl!!!!

On September 7th we will be challenging ourselves mentally and physically by participating in the Warrior Challenge on the north end beach in Avon, NJ.

The challenge is a non-stop four person team consisting of various challenges giving participants an idea of the typical conditioning expected of the US special operations team.  Each team will compete head to head, completing 9 Obstacles. The team that finishes with the fastest time will be awarded the WINNER OF THE WARRIOR CHALLENGE!

This event specifically supports Task Force Dagger Foundation (The Foundation). The Foundation assists US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) soldiers and their families when a valid need is identified. By maintaining a very judicious process and by virtue of managing overhead and expenses, ninety-five percent of every dollar goes to the soldier and their family. Thank you for any support you can offer.

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Thank you!

- The Ultimate Warri-Hers


What is Warrior Events about? We are about challenging ourselves and others to live well, train hard and offer a helping hand along the way.

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